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The Metal Music Thread (Team Rock published magazines saved)


I’ve been very obsessed with Avatar recently. They have such a great variety in their music and their riffs are mighty tasty. Check em out if you haven’t heard of them.


So true.
Metalcore had some great acts, but the sub-genre became so diluted between 2004-2008 (give or take) that it became dull, very quickly. Shadows are Security will hold a special place in my heart though.
You know, I think The Famine was drowned out by all the other metalcore bands. Definitely a solid act during that era. I still go back and listen to a select number of albums from that time, but mostly it’s prog-rock/metal and of course, some good ol’ doom/sludge that keeps my attention as far as metal bands these days.



As far as metalcore goes, for me, the best is Darkest Hour. Between the Buried and Me of course, took agro and metalcore and then blew us all to hell with their prog. Amazing band.


Man, oh man. Darkest Hour was good. “Undoing Ruin” was the only one I got into, but I about wore the thing out.

Between the Buried and Me will be my generation’s King Crimson. They are untouchable.
As far as prog goes, they will always be on a rotating list of bands. They’re up there with Opeth and Agalloch for me, granted I don’t know if Agalloch is considered prog or just black metal or whatever. Oh well. They genre blend in a unique way and I dig it. That’s all that I care about. Haken is a prog band that caught my attention and kept it the past few years. I absolutely love “The Mountain.”

You mentioned the dreaded “post-metal” label. I’d have to say I agree with your list. All of those bands are solid. I think Pelican is still relevant, but that kind of music is already such a niche crowd that I think it’s hard to get new listeners. A lot of younger metal heads want Meshuggah or nothing now. Don’t get me wrong. I like Meshuggah and “djent” (I hate that name) but I think people miss out on a lot of good music by shrugging bands like Isis, Red Sparrowes, etc. aside. Oh well.

Russian Circles, Pelican and Isis top my list for those kinds of bands. Neurosis is nuts too. I have a friend who is huge into Yob. I think I need to look more into them.
Anywho, rock on man. It’s good to have people that can talk good music with these days.


Isis was wonderful, I loved them. Sucks they broke up right as the fundamentalist group started raising hell. You couldn’t wear their shirt over here without people’s eyes blowing up threefold. Just reviewed Live VII for Blabbermouth. All those you mentioned, right on. I would add Long Distance Calling, Black Space Riders, Junius and Rosetta. Red Sparowes was cool.

Opeth is one of the greatest bands, period. Fucking genius. Agalloch was really good, absolutely. Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium as well, if we’re talking progressive black metal.

Rock on as well, brother.


Yeaaah. Lots of retired “ISIS” T-shirts out there. People would shit a brick.

Junius and Rosetta are solid. I’ll have to look into the others.

Wolves in the Throne Room…man, I just missed them. They were within 3 hours of me.

The biggest upset for me is that I’m missing Opeth, Gojira and Devin Townsend this week. Tickets spiked out of my budget so now I’ll sit at home and, I dunno, listen and pretend I’m there ha.

I would also have to throw out Altar of Plagues, (some) Alcest and Woods of Ypres. I don’t know any of those bands too well. Not as well as I know Opeth or Agalloch, but most of what I’ve listened to by them has been enjoyable.

I know these bands aren’t quite as metal as the bands we’ve talked about, but Riverside and Porcupine Tree deserve a mention in the conversation, I think. Steven Wilson is a true genius…and Riverside, well, they have some killer basslines ha.