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The Metal Music Thread (Team Rock published magazines saved)


Also, I would invite you if you’re so inclined to check out Kreator’s new video for “Gods of Violence.” I would post it here, but it’s SO explicit I would imagine the mods and admins barring it and me thereafter. After reviewing it this morning, the new album is kind of a shocker since there’s some stylistic changes…a lot more power metal amidst the thrash. This video, though, my Lord…Tipper Gore’s nightmare in every crevice.


Aaaaaand, they’re not metal, but they’re embraced by metalheads along with synth prog fans: Zombi. AMAZING duo. Ditto for Pinkish Black, another duo. Yeah, a lot of programming goes into what they do, but I’m a huge Zombi junkie especially. Saw both play together last year…OMG, what a performance.


I’m not a fan of black metal, tbh, except for a rare few albums/bands here and there… I mainly get my BM dose from Immortal or I suppose Abbath now… I did enjoy his new album, so there’s that.

Gojira? Sure, they’re great and this last album was VERY good.

As for the old-schoolers, I thought they all did a good job this year… One of my favorites bands ever is Anthrax, so I’m biased of course. I was pleasantly surprise with Metallica… it’s not pefect by a mile, and the drums drag the album down for the most part… but it’s a MEMORABLE album, which they haven’t done for many years… I’m not a Metallica hater, btw, I love Load with a passion, but St.Anger, Death Magnetic and Lulu left me cold. So it’s good to have a new good album. Testament’s was great as well… Too bad Slayer’s was last year’s, but then again I don’t like Slayer very much, so =P

I don’t remember what else came out this year except for the new Kvelertak which is obviously awesome… Those guys were a nice surprise for me…

As for 2017, I’m really looking forward to new Ghost material… but kind of wary as well… Meliora is one of what I consider “perfect” albums… It’s gonna be very difficult to even stay on that level. We’ll see…

Oh and yeah, I’m obviously more into the more “famous bands”… if it wasn’t obvious… =P


This seems like an appropriate place to post this!


I am awaiting the launch of Mutation III tonight:

Mutation III – Dark Black, the latest instalment of Ginger’s extreme metal project, is released on PledgeMusic via the RoundRecords pledge at 5:55pm today -
Dark Black, co-written with Exit International/Jaws of Death’s Scott Lee Andrews, is available in digital, CD and vinyl formats, (all formats include the digital edition). The album features a range of musicians including Devin Townsend, Phil Campbell, Givvi Flynn and Jon Poole.


A nice bit of business from Future, sell it for 10m quid and buy back for 800 grand.

Thirty-year-old Metal Hammer magazine and stablemates Classic Rock and Prog have been given a new lease of life after being saved from closure by Future Publishing, owner of titles including Guitarist, Total Film and T3.

The titles, along with the Golden Gods Awards and the Classic Rock Awards, suspended publication and faced closure after owner TeamRock, which fashioned itself as the self-styled “home of rock and metal”, went into administration in December.

The news, which put more than 70 staff out of work with no severance pay just days before Christmas, prompted British band Orange Goblin to launch a fundraising drive on Just Giving that made more than £70,000 for staff.

The band also held a fundraising gig at the Black Heart in Camden, London, on 5 January.

Now Future Publishing, the publicly listed digital, events and magazine company, has struck a bargain basement deal to buy the magazines, events and licence for the Team Rock digital radio service for £800,000.

It was Future, which owns titles including Total Guitarist, Guitarist and Rhythm magazines and online site musicradar, that sold the titles to TeamRock for £10.2m in 2013.


I’m looking forward to the new Mutation. I reviewed the last album and freaking loved it. Sidebar, my review of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons is live at B-mouth. \m/


Amen. I’m mostly happy to have some of my colleagues get a crack at getting their posts back.


It’s pretty mental, the track with Devin Townsend is awesome.




Yeah, Townsend’s albums themselves are usually wayyyy mental…good shit.


You’ve got to love anyone who has a guitar battle with his glove puppet alter ego on stage




Tim Lambesis was recently released from Prison and can now record with as I lay dying again!!!


Does anyone really think that’s likely? They had a Christian following then several came out as atheist, which alienates a large part of their fanbase. Also some of those guys started WovenWar.


Interview with the staff of Metal Hammer about the collapse:

The consistent conclusion from the last couple of months has been that all three of the magazines were actually selling well and financially strong. It’s the stupid parent company that couldn’t run a business:

‘You could see there was a lot of money being spent on what felt like quite extravagant things’ says Alderslade of the situation today. ‘During the first few months they sponsored a drag car and showed it off at The Golden Gods Awards. That car became a bit of a running joke amongst the staff.’

Smart marketing strategy to get the TeamRock name established as a prominent force in rock and metal media? Or gaudy, excessive but ultimately hollow gestures that essentially amounted to a baby company waving its metaphorical bollocks around?

I’ll go with “B” :smiley:

But this is the best part of the whole sorry affair:

Word spread fast and the metal community reacted almost instantaneously with condolences. The staff’s phones buzzed and beeped constantly with hundreds of messages of support from industry folk, friends and family. Ben Ward, frontman with London-based stoner heavy metal outfit Orange Goblin, started a JustGiving crowd funding campaign to raise money for the staff. He set an initial goal of £20,000, which was smashed within hours. After 30 days, 3698 supporters pledged a total of £88,760. Mention of the crowd funder is the only time in our conversation where the three Metal Hammer writers are momentarily speechless, clearly still overwhelmed and touched by the support the global metal community offered them when they needed it most; one pledger summed it up succinctly. ‘As we say in the pit – if someone falls, you pick them up.’

‘The rock community is the best in the world and I don’t say that just because we work in it,’ says Alderslade. ‘I go to a lot of gigs and festivals all the time, I like to think I’m fairly well-versed in a lot of other fan bases and there’s nothing like the rock and metal industry! If it didn’t have that camaraderie, none of us would be here doing what we’re doing now. But even saying that, to see that spirit directed towards Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog was still pretty mind-blowing, especially when we’re constantly hearing things like 'Print doesn’t mean anything to people anymore.’ We’re so used to seeing people have negative perceptions about metalheads and I think this just proves that, when the chips are down, we are all here for one another and we are a proper community.’


The last part probably explains why that lavish publicity was a waste of time. They are selling somewhat niche products with a built in dedicated fanbase, as evidenced by the response to the crowdfunding.

Prominent force in the rock and metal media? As far as I’m aware there is only one rival to any of those publications, Kerrang. Would any rock fan not know about Metal Hammer?

Oh and since we’re discussing rock music…here’s an air guitar:


I don’t usually buy Classic Rock magazine, but this month I’ll have to. Here’s the track listing from the free CD:

Previously unreleased version of Black Night recorded live in Milan in 2013 :open_mouth: ! It’s worth the magazine cover price for that.




Well, we didn’t have any GoFundMe type sources out there when all the magazines I wrote for simultaneously went belly-up because the of web and slowed-down advertising, of course prompted by dwindling album sales. We were displaced, angry and stupidly accepting of the situation at-large, since it all came like a fell swoop. No rescuers, a few well-wishers and people who wrote me and my colleagues thanking us and wishing us well. Luckily, some comrades threw my name in the hat for the Blabbermouth gig when it became available, for which I am very grateful.

I’m not saying this out of sour grapes. I think it’s outstanding an outreach came out to the Team Rock staff and of course, I too, reached out to my colleagues with messages of positivity. Sadly, I see the downfall of this genre once again, though Europe, South America, Poland-Ukraine vicinity and Japan will keep it floating another couple decades minimum. They treat this stuff with respect and gratitude for it being there. The U.S., it’s a mere commodity and saturated to death, even in the underground. Fan bitchery here and other parts of the world are killing it, bit by bit.