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The Metal Music Thread (Team Rock published magazines saved)


There are a lot of Deep Purple songs I really like, but I don’t have a favourite album.

I’m more of a Sabbath guy.


I’ve never heared of RW. I’ve not listened to much Korpiklaani, but I love their metal cover of Ievan Polka (leekspin)


Other than Gillan singing on “Born Again,” I never really think of Purple and Sabbath in the same terms. Both contributed greatly to metal, though Sabbath is obviously more metal-intensive and Purple blues and jam. So what’s your favorite Sabbath album? Though I prefer Ronnie’s work at-large, “Sabotage” is my favorite Sabbath record. Blows my mind to shreds every time I play it.


Yes, that’s cool, but treat yourself and dig into Korpiklaani’s albums. They are so much fun! That’s what we need more of in music, not just metal…FUN!

For historical reference, dig into some Running Wild and start with “Under Jolly Roger.” They’re legends.


Phew, one of the harder challenges to review, a 30th anniversary release of a metal giant at their worst. Challenge met and submitted to Blabbermouth. I need some “Point of Entry” immediately. Luckily my office mate and I are doing that very thing right now. She rules. Priest all day!


That is a tricky question. Probably Vol.4. So many huge tracks on there.

I have a soft spot for “Dehumaniser” as well.


Cool you brought up “Dehumaniser.” I constantly say it’s underappreciated. \m/


I hated “Turbo” for the longest time, but it’s really grown on me in recent years. Funny how the follow-up, “Ram It Down,” was supposed to be a return to form, but I find that album bland and unlistenable now.

I would compare “Turbo” to “Somewhere In Time,” in that both bands started playing around with synths, and made sort of sci-fi sounding albums that were underappreciated in their time, but held up in the long run.


Interesting you bring up the Maiden-Priest correlation. I flagged that in this review, since SIT fell under the same scrutiny as Turbo did back then. Everyone got all upset over synths, which is silly in retrospect when you think of Rainbow or Sabbath or even Van Halen prior to. SIT is a wonderful album. I just cannot hang with Turbo and I’m sure my review will have stirred a hornet’s nest.

I was there in '86 and all of us metalheads were upset by Turbo and the fact all the normal kids who gave us shit were suddenly into Priest on that album, along with Motley Crue with Girls Girls Girls and Def Lep on Hysteria, all the weakest albums by each.

I’m stunned by the love Turbo has gained over the years and the even more stunned by the rejection of Ram it Down, which is far heavier and for me, more entertaining. “Blood Red Skies” annihilates anything on Turbo, but as with everything, subjectivity rules. I am content to let people have Turbo if they accept it. It just means we get to keep the mighty Priest around longer!


And for my thrasher friends, I’m in the middle of reviewing this bad boy and O…M…G… they’re always reliable, but Overkill outdid themselves here.


Anyone listen to The Ghost Inside? In Hearts Wake? As I Lay Dying? The Devil Wears Prada?


Didn’t members form As I Lay Dying just start a new band?

EDIT: a quick Google search says yes. They are called Wovenwar.


Yes because Tim lambesis got out in prison. They are nothing without him. He wrote all the instrumentals and had a unique sound


Jeez, I’ve seen you post recently here on MW and I never actually slowed down to read your nick properly and completely missed the connection… =/

Well I guess that means that… Oh fuck, I’m old… :smile:

Anyways… Metal…

I’m actually listening to Meliora right now, so fitting I guess… soooo… good year or bad year for metal? =P


There’s a metal thread! @Ulf ! There’s a metal thread!

Last band I saw (as I mentioned in the music thread or somewhere) was the Welsh ragga metal band Skindred. Great fun.

And I think I’ve got tickets to see Ghost sometimes in April or something.


I saw Skindred way back when that song came out. They opened for Papa Roach, then I saw them again open for Sevendust. They were a riot. Ghost is a group I’d love to see live.

A band that I have fallen in love with this year is Nothing More:

I’m a big fan of lyrics, and their songs feel very meaningful, which is something I can’t say for a lot of nu metal groups these days.


Correct about Wovenwar. I reviewed that debut album at B-mouth. Pretty good. AILD was better and for the life of me, I can’t recall which member I interviewed during the Shadows Are Security era, could’ve been Phil. I liked AILD a lot and All That Remains, Killswitch, a lot of those metalcore acts who were fresh then, copied and self-cannibalized to death since. A Bullet for My Valentine gave me hope for metalcore, ditto for Trivium.

I met Trivium when they were still 17 and opening for Iced Earth. I was covering I.E. and then hung out with Trivium in the parking lot and I told Matt they were going to head right to the top. Those boys wanted it more than anyone at the time. Sure enough, I was right, and it was fun interviewing Matt and Corey a bunch of times afterwards and me getting to say, “Hey, I called it. Here you are at the top.”

Shame about Lambesis.


any excuse to post this:


Well, I’m 46, so you’re probably not quite as old, lol…

There was a lot of very good things in metal '16. A lot of people think it’s a flushed year. I see the old school thrashers as taking everyone else to the cleaners. Metallica did a great job, though it’s subjective to taste. Megadeth rebounded hard even if regurgitating a lot. Anthrax, a noble effort, Testament dropped an instant classic. Yet Destruction blew them all away. The new Overkill is already the one to beat in 2017.

Black metal is fully stale. I’m not sure even Ihsahn reuniting Emperor could save that genre. Besides, Ihsahn’s solo work is so bloody interesting why should he go back? Doom…REALLY passe now. Been bludgeoned to death. We’re in this goofy spot where people want to dissect the differences between sludge and stoner and right now because Baroness is so hot, everyone wants to jump on. There’s a lot of good bands in this niche, a lot just copying and hoping to enjoy the ride.

I think Kyng is a pretty phenomenal band since they, like Baroness, are looking outside their sludge foundations and growing. Ditto for Red Fang. I love The Sword and applaud what they’ve done, though it’s not for everyone.

What’s a little annoying is so much hair metal revival and Hanoi Rocks wannabe-ism. So many new bands emulating 80s hard roc (and NWOBHM, for that matter) that it’s fun for a few minutes, irksome overall.

Tech metal and prog…I’m just about over them. BTBAM rules that whole niche. Nobody can touch them. Gojira is amazing, though. Opeth…what can I say? Gods of evolution. I was hopeful about the “post metal” (dreadful term) bands like Pelican, Isis, Red Sparowes, etc., but only Neurosis is holding steady, ditto for Rosetta, a truly good band.

I would say that we’re not really going anywhere in metal right now since all facets and subdivisions of it has been tapped, pushed, explored and only the cream of the crop is keeping the scene from falling under. It’s about to, that’s for sure. Right now, metal does hang all over Billboard, but then a non-pop or rap hot seller today is hitting about 3,800 unit sales, which is the new model of success. Sad.


Yep. LMAO!!!