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Bendis talks about Old Man Logan:

It’s clear that you love the original “Old Man Logan” story. The creators certainly set the stage for a sequel, but what made you want to revisit their story? And how long have you wanted to tell this tale?

I actually wanted Mark and Steve to do a sequel. I waited, like, seven years, and they didn’t. So in the grand tradition of making comics that I wanted to read, when we were laying down plans for “Secret Wars,” what was out there and what would be cool and interesting, “Old Man Logan” came up. I raised my hand because, I did feel a big affinity for the world that was built up and where the character is in his life.

It’s very influenced by Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” which though a Western is very much a crime story. It’s very much like a Raymond Chandler or Elmore Leonard novel set in the west. That is my big, big sweet spot. So I jumped at the chance.

I did say “Old Man Logan” is probably Steve McNiven’s best book, which hurts me to say because I’ve worked with him a couple times. He’s done amazing work with me, but that’s one hell of a Steve McNiven experience. People either consciously or subconsciously will expect something of equal worth in the art department. That doesn’t mean someone who rips off Steve McNiven. It’s someone who’s at the top of their game like Steve is. When I started working with Andrea Sorrentino on the “X-Men Annuals” it was very, very clear that it was him.


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The Marvel June 2015 Solicitations are up!


Glad Luke Cage and the Sentry get the spotlight.

Gerardo Sandoval looks like he’s ready to kill it on [URL=“”]Age of Apocalypse[/URL].


I think this is pretty out of order.

I don’t agree with the guy, but he’s entitled to his opinion. Millarworld is in danger of being an open forum only if your participation falls in line with the prescribed opinion. It happens every time this matter is brought up. Let the guy speak, he represents the other side of the argument u less you just want a room full of guys agreeing with each other.


Some of the context was removed there, rest assured people can take an opposing view but MW has always set rules in how you can make those arguments and they don’t include getting personal or in this case locker room talk

I anyone wants to discuss it without going all Finbarr Saunders then a thread was started here.


Apologies, did not realise there had been a post removed. My mistake.


No worries at all. It does look odd without the context so you were right in calling it out. Besides, disagreement is not a bad thing.


I disagree. :wink:


You’re on thin ice, Mr M.


Oh yeah? I disagree with both of ya!

:wink: <- “loser” smilie


Axel Alonso, you crafty, crafty bastard…

On the other side of that, there are books, mainly the newest ones, that at least so far, don’t seem to be affected – at least not nearly as profoundly. “Howard the Duck,” “All-New Hawkeye,” “Spider-Gwen” and others seem to be going on business as usual, from what we can tell right now. It’s been said that every Marvel Universe book will tie into “Secret Wars” in some ways – is it still the case that these books will be affected by "Secret Wars," just maybe not in an overt way – at least not at first?

Alonso: Yes. “Secret Wars” is set in the Marvel Universe, so every Marvel Universe series will be affected by it. If you’re a fan of “Howard the Duck” or “All-New Hawkeye” or “Spider-Gwen,” all of which have been massive hits, know that the creators on all these series are excited about what the future holds. No one’s moping around, muttering, “Well, that totally #$@#ed up my plans?” “Howard the Duck” #1 and “All-New Hawkeye” #1 both went back to a second print this week, and all the creators have solid plans for the future of their books.
I have always put a premium on individual titles carving their own space on the shelf, having their own identity, and “Secret Wars” will do nothing to change that. Books like “Ms. Marvel,” “Black Widow,” “Squirrel Girl,” “Howard the Duck” and “All-New Hawkeye” will continue to dance to their own distinct drumbeat.

OK, I’m happy with that! The one thing I hoped for was that Secret Wars not mess with Ms Marvel and it’s not going to!



They sometimes make these intentionally misleading…but that looks like possibly FalCap, an Iron Man, Nova and Miles?

I wonder if the “all new” is a reference to these being new Avengers, perhaps in training? If that is Sam Wilson or Tony, they could be mentors. Otherwise it seems like a big leap for Kamala to go from complete rookie to the big team.


My guesses are:

Top Left - Pepper Potts
Top Middle - Sam Wilson
Top Right - unsure
Bottom Middle - Miles Morales
Bottom Right - Nova


That’s my guess as well. Sam Wilson training new Avengers.


Oh yeah…

Marvel has taken the lid off of yet another “Secret Wars”-related series, with Blastr announcing the two-part “Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders,” from the creative team of writer Al Ewing and artist Alan Davis. The series stars Faiza Hussain – a character introduced in 2008 by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk in the “Captain Britain and MI: 13” series – and again places her in the role of Captain Britain, a title she previously held during the “Age of Ultron” event.

Faiza Hussein! Great to see Ewing decide to give her a story.


Ewing and Davis, I’m sold.


Great to see Faiza back. I liked the character a lot in MI-13 - in some ways she was a forerunner for the current Ms Marvel. Making her a Captain Britain is a nice idea.


I think the bottom two are almost certainly Miles and Nova.

The other fliers are harder to gauge but I think the one on the right may be Vision, the one on the left could be Ultimate Iron Man, or maybe Rescue. I also thought it might be a version of Star-lord. It looks to me, though, like it could be someone with a collar …, so, High Evolutionary?