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Love this cover for Ant-Man #4…


Saw this ad recently in an old comic… the original ROM action figure kinda sucked:

They go for good money on Ebay though.


Chris Sims and Chad Bowers are writing X-Men '92 for Secret Wars:


This amused me.

Someone on ebay has managed to flog for $150 a copy of the Marvel Masterworks: Incredible Hulk v.2 hardcover that has been personally signed by both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby!

That’s a book that was printed in 2004.

That’s impressive.


That Stan Lee… anything for a quick buck.


You take that back! People are always giving Lee all the credit for Kirby’s posthumous signatures!


They just made a mistake. That is clearly signed by Jack Kriby not Jack Kirby. :wink:


His slightly less-talented cousin.


To be fair, it’s electronic!

That Chris Sims news is interesting. I’ve been reading his stuff for years; he’s often very wrong-headed (imo) but he certainly writes well and he’s definutely entertaining. I don’t know, though – what with Doug Wolk writing Dredd and Rich Johnstone having his own titles…is there no one who just wants to write about comics without secretly wanting to be a writer of comics?


Oh ye gods, YES…

At a panel discussion with Avatar Press publisher William Chirstensen, Ennis said the series will be titled “The Platoon” and released under the Marvel MAX banner. According to Ennis, the story will follow Frank Castle on his first tour of duty in Vietnam. That means it will be way before he became The Punisher, so don’t expect any giant white skulls on his body armor.

And Parlov’s on art! Oh yeah…This is going to be great.


Ben, you’ve just made my night!!


I really enjoyed My War Gone By so this sounds like it’ll be worth picking up.


This is great news


Erik Larsen’s not a fan of Ms. Marvel’s costume:

And apparently, it’s a big enough deal on the CBR forums:


I disagree with his original starting point:

A great character design should give you insight into a character’s personality or powerset. Spider-Woman for example:

What does this costume say about the character? If you showed that to a normal person, what would they glean from it? It doesn’t particularly say “Spider”, outside of the eyes, which are taken directly from Spider-Man. Even the general idea of it is counter to Jessica Drew’s basic personality.

Whereas this:

There’s a big spider on the front, letting you know, “Hey, this is Spider-Somebody!” We’re already better off. And the outfit is street-level superhero, allowing her to interact with normal people - a point of the new status quo - while also jumping into battle and looking like a heroine. Is it perfect? Nah. I prefer the middle design shown here, but it’s much, much better.

Many of these redesigns are in the same area, hence my disagreement with Larsen.

Remember folks! Keep it civil!


I agree with your and your thoughts about Spider-Woman, but I don’t agree with EL about Ms Marvel. As one of the commenters at CBR points out, the costume looks that way in part as a call-out to the traditional dress of her culture. I mean, skin-tight would not work for all sorts of reasons (her age, her, cultural background) and the more street-level cool of the new Spider-Woman design would also fail since Kamala is, basically a nerd and not-cool.


I’m really not seeing the problem here.


This right here is a big damn piece of awesome and made my day.Thank you sir.


No, because A) those characters still exist? and B) if we’re talking bust size, that’s frequently up to artist interpretation.

For example:

The assumption that her defining feature is “large breasts” is part of the problem. The current Spider-Woman artist draws her with a smaller bust than say Frank Cho, who in contrast does the same in the opposite direction, regardless of character. Marvel is attempting to aim for a different audience and the art and design is reflecting that change.

And I agree, Image is great at creating characters of all shapes and sizes.