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The Martian - What Do You Think?


So many of my friends are involved in this movie. Jules Daley (Nemesis) produced it, Ridely Scott (Nemesis producer) directed it, Steve at Fox was the exec (Starlight, Kindergarten Heroes), Simon and Aditya were producers (Starlight, Kindergarten Heroes) and Drew Goddard, whom I love, wrote the screenplay. So I was always rooting for it, but delighted that it had a 55 mill domestic opening.

This deserves to be big, Would love to see it crack 600 worldwide. A little hope is needed right now!



I really liked it. I loved the book, and it’s a very good adaptation, and easily Scott’s best in years, probably decades. A bit too long, but it’s never boring.


Entertaining and educational all at the same time. Didn’t feel like it was speaking slowly to make sure we understood what was happening.

Caught it with Lorcan and Aoife last week.

And doing it again tomorrow with our regular Cinema buddies.
Really hoping to see more movies of it’s Caliber in the future.
Althou the funniest line was from the row on front of us.
When a Girl asked her mate “if it was based on a true story?”

I’d say I worry for the future but she was about 25. Already too late for her.


I enjoyed it. Didn’t find the movie too long as it was entertaining. Was kinda of worry before watching as Scott’s movies sometimes could be below expectation like Exodus and Robin Hood. Anyway, worries were unfounded. The Martian is great. Don’t miss it.


Like @PaulF I loved the book and had high hopes for the movie, and Scott didn’t disappoint. I especially liked that it kept all the meticulously researched work from the book in there, but just let it be there rather than trying to infodump.

My only complaint is that they removed a few things that went wrong towards the end of the book, so there’s a stretch towards the end where everything went well for Watney. They could have upped the tension and possibly removed the feeling of dragging on a bit if one or two more crises befell him.

Also, I was prepared for the Aquaman line not making it because it was in one of the promo videos, but I mourned the loss of ‘hey look, a pair of boobs! (.) (.)’ when he was told everyone was reading their conversations


I have officially forgiven Scott for ‘Prometheus’! :smile:

It’s great to see that, not only has he still got it, he’s better at it than most other directors.

It feels about ten minutes too long and the end is overcooked but it was solidly well made, funnier than expected and full of charm.

Saying it looks good is a bit redundant (it’s Ridley Scott!) but it does look very good.


I said this in the what are you watching thread as well, but I’d love it if Scott would get a wiggle on to do The Forever War while he’s at a creative high


High praise indeed. :smile:


Not seen it yet, but bursting to! It sounds like everything I love in a movie.
PS you’re friends with Ridley Scott?!


I really, really liked it. Let me state I haven’t read the book yet. I wish I would have but with that said. I thought it was done very well. The acting was top notch, as well as the directing. I loved the CGI of Mars. I saw it in 3D and it was more atmospheric than stuff flying out at you.

My girlfriend got so into it during one scene and almost yelled at the screen, which would have been odd in a theater full of people. :wink:


I loved it. It’s a feel good movie in a lot of ways but I never felt condescended to. It helped that it was essentially one brilliant problem-solving session after another, with terrific humor. The acting’s great, too; I keep thinking about Donald Glover’s extremely smart but extremely socially awkward NASA geek. I loved Michael Pena and Benedict Wong, too. So many great character/comedic actors around Damon’s stellar performance. I wish the Oscars gave ensemble awards.


I liked it a lot. Just saw it last night. But as much as I like Matt Damon and totally buy him as the botanist so much of this relied on humour and I’m not sure he can deliver a punchline. Daniel Craig has the same problem. He’s too earnest. Imagine Chris Pratt saying 'I’m going to science the shit out of this" or “fuck you, Mars” or “In your face, Neil Armstrong.”

Every one of those lines would have got a laugh whereas audience in stony silence for every joke and there were a lot of good jokes in that terrific script. I like Damon a lot, but I sorta get why Zemeckis picked a comedic actor for Castaway as you need that warmth to keep you in there alone with him for 2 hrs.

I still really enjoyed it.



Watching the promotional material it did feel like the jokes fell flat. I’ve not seen the movie yet though, and hoping it’s better.