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The Making of Millarworld Annual 2016 Mindys ABC's Full Script and Art


Agree completley Ronnie. That goes for anything in life. I like to think I’m thick skinned enough to take on board any criticism. Ironically since I wrote this in September last year ( with some spelling revisions in January) I have had more than enough time to tear it to shreds and regret decisions in every single panel!

But hey sometimes you’ve got to just …“let it go” :stuck_out_tongue:


I say what I said as someone who entered a script for the Hit Girl story and lost out to you. :wink:

I loved yours and thought it really boiled down the essence of the the character and told a new story in four pages.


Okay, show of hands.

Who here still thinks there is anything “easy” about this “making funny books” business.

Hands? Hands?

Didn’t think so.


I kinda find it easy…but that’s just me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Stop showing off Garvey…It’s not big and it’s not clever :wink:


the more i eat the bigger i get…the more i read, cleverer and hairier my palms get…


This is SPECTACULAR MAN! Thanks so much for sharing.


Wow! ! Thanks for sharing!


Wow! It looks like a great story to me. Don’t know why someone would think it was “lazy”. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


I think most people calling it lazy are just kicking themselves for not coming up with such a simple yet effective concept. You’re trying to tell a story, why complicate that more than you need to. It is very clever, and the word lazy certainly never crossed my mind when I read it.

Millarworld Talent Search 2016

This is incredible. It’s always fascinating to me to see the inner workings behind an artist and a writers way in making comics. This one in particular is no different. I applaud you Mark for coming up with such a simple yet effective story to tell with our ever so loving rear kicking heroine as well as ozgur’s amazing art style. This has definitely been a learning experience for me and hope to see more your writing in the future. Thanks again for sharing your script and ozgurs rough layouts with us.


Which is a good message because that’s what Mark Millar does so well.


That is the brilliance of Mr. Millar. He finds a simple concept and crafts a very compelling and meaningful story around it. He’s a constant reminder for me that you can successfully tell a great story without making it complicated like so many people try to do these days.


Dude, this is awesome! Congrats!


I’m not trying to sound rude here. Get over it. Move on. You wrote a short that was good enough to get accepted. Put it behind you and look forward to the next project. You need to have a short term memory to be a long term writer.

Allowing every disgruntled person online to ruffle your feathers will inhibit your creativity. They’re trying to lower your creative vibration by attacking you.

Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but you know what it was? It was good enough to win and get people talking about you.

Stop listening to them. Write for yourself.


Really cool, this. Always love WIP and behind the scenes stuff, but a top-to-bottom breakdown is really useful for budding creators out there, and should give everyone the encouragement to enter something for the 2017 annual. Nice work.


Dude, your story was awesome. How did you come up with the abc idea.


Thanks mate.
Just figured a way to teach a 8 year old to remember something at a professional level. Mnemonic devices , 10,000 hours and all that.


Still needs to be a cartoon!


Awesome dude!!