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The Magic Order #2 Discussion Thread


A dark force is targeting The Magic Order, killing off its members one by one. Time is running out, and the death toll is rising. Will Gabriel return to the fold to save his family, and the world, from the forces of evil?

I haven’t gotten to my copy yet, but discuss!


Coipel’s art is just fantastic. Love the look of Madame Albany and the Venetian.


This issue continues to ramp up the threats and show some nasty forms of magic taking the genre away from the potter style magic that most readers are familiar with and giving it that Millar edge. Copiel is a master as usual and the washed colours of Stewart(i could be wrong here) give the book a unique look.

And if Sam Neil isn’t the model for Leonard Moonstone i’ll eat my hat


This has been my favorite of the chief’s work since Starlight.

Really, really great. Tons of ideas and heart, and meticulously executed both in script and art.

You could tell me that Coipel takes one year to draw a page and I’d believe you. Purely technically I don’t know how he even gets lines that small.


Dear Mr Millar, dear friends,

let me be next, too! Pretty, pretty please!



From the New Comics Thread.

Magic Order #2 - Wow! Another amazing issue. This book feels a bit like Empress to me where there is at least one scene in every issue that just kinda blows your mind. The castle hidden in the painting was that in this issue. Loving this series and can’t wait to read more.