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The Magic Order #1 Discussion Thread


Hi, guys, I was expecting to already see a Magic Order discussion thread here, but since there isn’t one yet I’ve taken the liberty of going ahead and starting one.

So issue #1 comes out tomorrow! Y’all excited? For those who’ve already read it, share your thoughts! Personally, I loved it and thought it was worth the wait. Visually, it’s the most beautiful comic I’ve seen so far this year. You can check out my full, no-spoiler review if you’re interested in reading more.


I tend to buy Mark’s stuff in trades but I’m looking forward to this one—may buy the first issue to get a sense of the world.


Here is my review, spoiler’s free and in spanish/english

What a great series!!

and remeber Kick-Ass #5 is out totady too, penultimate issue of Volume 1 By Mr Millar and JRJR


Anyone know how to get the AR thing to work?


Oh, I couldn’t get that to work either. Thought I was maybe doing something wrong.


Great review, Dave!!


thank you!


I worked yeaterday, and I try it so many times.
First step I open the facebook app

Then I put the camera on the QR and a link pop up, this one:

with a button asking for open the facebook camera (pic 1)


then you aim to the cover (Pic 2)


and after that it coms out something scary from the cover


The Magic Order has it’s official site!!


When I did it I just saw the hat, here it is all the video


I just read it and it is gorgeous. I love the new villain and world building. The family reminds me a great deal of the Sampson family from Jupiter’s Legacy. I was fascinated by the Sampson family so I look forward to the activities of the Moonstone Family.


Shame about the sweepstake to be drawn into issue 6

“I am a legal U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age.”


For those of you curious about the QR code:


More here:


A masterwork.

I am loving Kick-Ass: The New Girl very much, but The Magic Order is giving me Starlight-level tones. So far an immaculately toned and cared-for atmosphere all in one book. It’s riveting and I am enthralled.


the one with the cards is great. the names on the cards are characters in the book


I picked up the first issue, it’s very good. The tone is established very quickly; it’s big but still about the characters. It’s definitely it’s own thing, but it reminds me most of Hellboy and the BPRD, not in detail but rather in tone.

Mignola’s writing is still overlooked because he’s seen as an artist first, but he writes very interesting people and understands how to build dread on this sort of cosmic horror scale too.

And that’s what The Magic Order really gets right; personal horror on a cosmic stage.

Plus, it’s fun. :slight_smile:


Dear friends,

it is always convenient when two creators know their trade: Mr Millar writes good female characters and Monsieur Coipel makes them look good. Both men work hand in hand – like magic,



One of Millar’s greatest strengths is his human beats. These small little panels in a comic or a page that cut deep into the emotional quotient of the book.

It’s not something you see done well all the time in comics, but he does so in a way that seems effortless.


All the variants at my LCS were sold out by the time I got off work at 4.


The most impressive thing here is how Mark and Oliver create a fully realised world in 22 pages (I’m guessing, too lazy to count!) where you absolutely understand the main characters motivations and their relationships with one another.

Marks talent for world building along with his art partners is unsurpassed.
One issue down and you’re simply pulled in.
It’s quite remarkable when you look at the economy of words on the page and simple yet expressive art.

Plus you know there’s plenty of Millar twists and turns to come.

Top work Chief.