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The Local Comic Shop Experience


I passed by The Forbidden Planet in NY to get some issues and asked the workers there about Justice League and they gave me mixed reviews to see it for a lot less later on iTunes or cable TV.

Huge stores like FB, Midtown, JHU have so many issues, trades, t shirts, statue figures, and so much more comic and scifi paraphernalia I can browse there for hours. I thought it must be like heaven to work there but then I thought that after a while all that stuff gets to you and the bottom line is it still a business. I you do leave it would be hard to be taken seriously as experience when applying somewhere else.

So in conclusion I have to say that a comic store is nice but actually working there day in and day out has its ups and downs.


The rumours were true, Nathan will not be reopening First Order after Christmas.

From what he said the store is breaking even each month but that he was unable to give himself any sort of wage making it essentially the same as being unemployed.

He has been sensible and not sunk personal savings into what is becoming more and more clear to be a sinking ship.

He is now the only shop on the street, every other one is either long empty or has been recently vacated and he gets next to no foot traffic. I’ve lived here for six years now and hadn’t been down that particular street until he opened up last year.


I imagine any place where you work day after day has its ups and downs. But it’s got to be easier to go to a job that involves something you really like than to go to a job just to collect a paycheck.


Very much so. I’m making more money at my current job (dull office work) than I did working at a comic book store but I enjoyed the comic shop much more because I was enthusiastic about the product. Interacting with customers all the time could be stressful but more often than not, it was a fun place to be.


@Mark_Millar - Hey, Chief! Of all things, long ago I posted a pic of my friend Jason (co-owner of Grand Slam Comics & Sports Cards, in Loveland and Greeley) holding up a copy of the original Kick-Ass #1. Here it is years later, and Jason has begun wee videos about new comics (and classics on sale). Full circle, babe! And onward!


Geez, once you get him started…

Most Popular Trades. Gotta catch 'em all!


This post reminded me of this student video where they have a visit in the two great indie shops in Aberdeen, Scotland. They have a wander around Plan 9, and interview Mike, the manager at Asylum, as well as chat to Marie from Devolution Comics, a great local small-press comic publisher.


Say… what is the funniest or strangest name you heard for a comic store?


Central City - it isn’t central or in a city.


Mile High Comics.

Can’t smoke in there.


Forbidden Planet doing all kinds of free stuff today because of its 35th birthday, if you want to dash to your local and have a look (I assume only today, and I assume it’s all branches).

They were giving carrier bags of freebies to little kids as they went in, but I’m not sure what they contained.

For older kids :wink: there were free paperbacks at the checkout. Mostly seemed to be movie novelisations. Not something I would normally bother with, but, hey, free stuff! So I now have the novelisation of the Wonder Woman movie. (Thank God they didn’t try to give me Man of Steel :laughing: )


I got one of those but its spine was broken.


This made me laugh out loud this morning.


Best article ever. :wink:


you know that freak is hiding some dark secret. I have to assume he is in a cult or thinks Jared Leto is a better Joker than Heath Ledger.”



Where has the pride in weirdness gone?



I feel like comic book fans are almost mainstream now. I mean, at least we aren’t like those lame Harry Potter fans. Or Bronies!!

(I said “almost”)


Popped into my LCS on Saturday for Batman Day and found that comics by @mattgarvey1981 are gradually taking over the store!


The Broker on the top left there is written by our old mate on the board Wayne T (the T standing for Talbot).


I remember meeting Wayne T in Dublin; great guy!