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Loved it.


I saw it last night and I loved it. It was so much fun and I enjoyed the Easter eggs and in-jokes. I will definitely see it again.


To be fair I think that was true of the Lego movie as well. They pile in so many jokes it can be hard to keep up.

I agree with Robert that The Lego Movie was better but that was a high bar and this is still a great movie and I think for kids a lot of the stuff flies over their heads. You laugh at different things though, I creased up at the ‘cowl on’ Jerry Maguire bit that means nothing to them but my 5 year old boy was chuckling throughout at whatever he found funny.


The line where Bruce Wayne brags about how he doesn’t pay any taxes killed me and is so perfect in terms of how it fits Wayne’s character (not just in this film but in everything Batman). It got a big laugh from me.

However, it was just a toss-away line in one of the songs and it came and went so fast among such a barrage of jokes and info that I promptly forgot about it until this afternoon, when it randomly popped back into my head.

EDIT: Also, literally every line Bane said made me laugh out loud. Dark Knight Rises was a bit of a duff movie but Hardy’s line delivery in that film was a comedic gift to the world.


Bane was voiced by Doug Benson, who has been doing the Bane voice on his podcast since Dark Knight Rises came out.



I loved the whole metatextualness of it, though I was confused how Batman could experience all those previous adventures eg the '66 one without Robin.
It also created a fan theory involving the Phantom Zone. The Daleks being in the Phantom Zone reminded me of the Death Zone Time Scoop in the Five Doctors, which was modelled on the Donner Phantom Zone, down to similar effects. Now, did the Time Lords and Kryptonians exchange technology?

Loved the Harryhausen stuff.
And the Barris ad in the magazine, ie the makers of the Batmobile.

A kid beside me was sad. “But King Kong’s a goodie!” Thus I explained to him that there are several Kongs, RKO Kong, Universal Kong, Rankin/Bass Kong, Mighty Kong, De Laurentiis Kong, Korean Kong.


You really don’t want to overthink it, none of it makes any sense and that’s part of the fun. :smile:

The Joker even has a line where he says he’s been fighting Batman for 78 years (which he has in the comics but that would make them both 100 years old or so).


I was worried this would be a pale comparison to the first LEGO movie but the opening voiceover about all good movies starting with a black screen and the comments aobut all the logos quickly put all my concerns to bed. The line about Batman and Joker and “that time with the two boats” was the first roar of laughter (of many) from me.

Question: Alfred rocked the '66 outfit for a bit then wore a different one I didn’t recognise - one with the domino mask and ouble breasted leather jacket. Was this from something in the comics?


That was the exact point that I thought “oh, I’m going to enjoy this”.


well, they’re toys, they don’t age.
It’s from the mind of a kid playing with toys. It’s like when I was a kid and I’d race the Batmobile with my DB5 and Thunderbirds toys.
As a kid, you don’t care about canon. You still think that all the Tarzan movies take place in the same timeline, that all the Batmans fit together, that the Inspector in the Pink Panther cartoons also goes to work for the Surete with Inspector Dreyfus, Francois and Cato, etc…
That’s what the film channels.


Killing time and for some reason I thought I’d check out Harry Knowles’ LEGO Batman review. Suffice to say I think he liked it. I think @Will would agree with his assessment, too. (spoiler texted for language)


Yeah, I saw that one. His reviews are absolute car-crashes these days (and often barely intelligible), but I can’t help but keep reading them to see where his mind will go next.


Full disclosure: I like Harry Knowles. He’s a weirdo but he’s stuck to his guns for a really long time.

I like that his website is still so Internet 1.0. It’s kind of amazing actually.


Let’s see what he made of LOGAN.

Yep, that all seems to be in order.


I do enjoy playing this in the office at 7 AM


Finally watched this, and at this point in its run it was in an almost-empty cinema, which may be part of the reason I didn’t think it was all that great. Some comedies need an audience laugh track. This was “clever” rather than “hilarious”.

I enjoyed it, but it was nowhere near as great as I was expecting, and that’s even allowing for me already expecting that it wouldn’t re-capture the magic of the Lego Movie (in which everything was unreservedly awesome).

Oh well. It’s still undoubtedly the best DC movie of the decade.


Just watched the DVD - it’s an absolute riot.

Right from the start with McGuffin Airlines transporting a load of bombs, to the incarnations of Batman to Bane being the Tom Hardy version, it’s packed with really smart jokes, but also has a sharp edge to its comedy at times too.

Robin opting for Wham, the fight effects at the end, Batman moping - they packed a great deal into this.