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It has begun its run in the UK and starts in the US on February 10.

I can’t wait to see it!

But for those who have, DISCUSS!


Reposting from the Watching thread:

Saw it today; it was a lot of fun. Not on the same level as The Lego Movie, but I enjoyed it. It’s got a decent joke rate, and the cast is great.

I’m glad I wasn’t spoiled for the back half of the movie. I didn’t see the trailers past the first one, so I don’t know how much of it was given away.

There’s unexpectedly a bunch of jokes about Orca, whose initial story arc was one of the first Batman comics I ever read.

It’s kind of a shame that other than Joker, the rest of the DC villains don’t get much to do. I’d have liked some more of Catwoman, Riddler, etc.


It was great!
I am also glad that the marketing didn’t spoil the big surprise.
This was really fun.


I still love those lyrics for the song:

Darkness! In the middle of the night!
Darkness! No parents!
Super-rich… Kind of makes it better,


Batman drops even better lyrics this time. :wink:
It’s great!


I loved it. I could pick out countless gags or references that put a smile on my face, but I think my favourite parts were those which asked some difficult questions about Batman as a character, and then showed that there were ways of answering those questions that didn’t completely undermine the concept of Batman. It was very nicely done.

Plus, that opening scene with all the villains… so great.

Now I’m going to end on a big white space. All important posts end on a big white space.


If it’s the best Batman movie of the year, that won’t even be a criticism.


Although the Lego movie didn’t quite work for me once the novelty wore off on me, I’ve said to my son I’m going to take him to go see this.

There’s a parent and child showing on the 24th in our local cinema which will be a good test for his first outing to the cinema.

I’m looking forward to this now that I’m doing it with him so the comments above bode well.


I can’t imagine anyone here not loving this. I loved it so much. So many great jokes (and in-jokes). And a really nice wee story. The Phantom Zone thing unexpected and cool, but as you can imagine Donner’s Superman is what made it for me. And fun Batman/ Bruce Wayne.

This beats every WB superhero movie since Batman Begins (which I love).



There was a lot of that wasn’t there?

I loved the bit with Batman yanking crystals out while Jor-El complains.


Everything about this movie was amazing. I saw it had an expected 50 mill opening weekend, which is great, but I’d love to see it surprise and do 75 or something. It really deserves it. The Harry Potter characters, Jaws, etc, all a great touch. My kids were joined by some of the Millar nephews and one got so into it he walked into the aisle and started dancing during the movie, completely losing his mind!!




Those wacky Millars :slight_smile:


Honestly, at a time where a lot of quite mediocre kids movies are doing huge numbers (I’m thinking particularly about stuff like Minions and Secret Life of Pets) I would love to see this movie do really well. Like a billion dollars well. I think that might be a tall order though.


I just came back from it. Great fun, lots of genuine LOLs.

Batman, in his dressing gown, cowl still on, laughing at the romantic scene in Jerry Maguire. I liked that bit a lot.


The bit my daughter still keeps laughing about, days later, is “Mr Sixties”. She thinks Alfred in a Batman suit is a hilarious idea. She’s not wrong.

(The TV show references were some of my favourite bits. I loved the line (paraphrasing) “I’m going to hit you so hard that words describing the sound of the impact are going to spontaneously materialise out of thin air”. :slight_smile: )


I always sit in the third or fourth row in the theater for movies, but this time I wish I hadn’t…too much happening on the screen and too quickly. I liked the film quite a lot, although for the sake of comparison I liked The LEGO Movie much better. I think their Batman interpretation is a better supporting character than lead.

Eddie Izzard as Voldemort is brilliant, though I wish he had more Izzard-esque stuff to do.

Weirdly when I heard there was lots of cool surprise characters in it I had guessed it was going to be Marvel characters. I wonder if they’ll cross that line at some point.


Also some people might want cover their ears for this, but my kid who is nine years old actually DID think Superman was Batman’s enemy, until he saw this film.


Kermode’s review is pretty spot on I think.

Interestingly he makes the same point as Robert about there being so much happening at once that it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s certainly a movie that I’m keen to watch again and catch everything I missed first time.


Hmmmm :thinking:

Say, has anyone ever seen Mark Kermode and @RobertB in the same place at the same time? Bit of a coincidence, isn’t it?


I would never say Batmans instead of Batmen.