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The Last Laugh: Ronnie Corbett dies aged 85


There are better sketches but this is my favourite:

RIP Ronnie.
Thanks for the laughs.


I’m REALLY hating 2016!


The Mastermind sketch. The Class sketch. Four Candles. Many Happy Christmases watching Two Ronnies re-runs. RIP Ronnie Corbett- a diminutive giant of the comedy world.


I will light 4 candles for Ronnie tonight.


Ronnie Corbett never became a household name in the States the way that Benny Hill or Rowan Atkinson did, but that “fork handles” sketch is well-known. Yeah, 2016 has been a rough year for entertainers, and it’s not quite April yet.


Yes it was a domestic show that probably didn’t travel that much in those days but I know the 4 candles sketch is used to teach overseas call centre agents nowadays on the vagaries of the English language. People get wind of these things and Youtube allows global access.

It was a key part of many of their sketches that they manipulated logic and language in some very clever ways.

As Simon mentioned the Mastermind sketch where they answer the next question.


Some proper classic sketches. My Dad was a big fan of the Two Ronnies, will have to go break the sad news.

By all accounts he was a top chap and was really into staying on top of what was going on in modern comedy. RIP

One of the last few times I recall him watching him on TV:


Yes I only know him from Extras, always a good sign when people can poke fun at themselves.


Being only 5 feet and 1 inch tall his career was pretty much spent laughing at himself.

I saw this great video of him on a TV show with Miranda Hart who is 6’1" tall.


Very sorry to hear about this. I guess we’ll be getting more and more used to this over the years to come - people we’ve been familiar with all our lives passing away and it feeling like they’re part of the family. He did seem to have a very fulfilling and rewarding life.

Hopefully there’s an opportunity to expose more of the back catalog of the Two Ronnies. They were kind of the last remnants of that vaudeville humor that was phased out in the 80’s. And they were undoubtedly comedy masters.


We do I think.

While there have been a few premature deaths this year, a fair amount is the fact that people we watched on TV or in films when they were middle aged and we were young are now very old. We have that emotional connection to them that we didn’t necessarily have with the previous generation’s stars.

That clip of the documentary I showed had Ronnie C fit and healthy at 80 years old still on his game and working on TV, enthusiastic about young comedians. I think most people would take that in advance.