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The Lack of UK comic awards...


Thank you. I only read it all after the fact, so wasn’t aware of that.

Please carry on with Award type discussion. Sorry for the digression.


Interesting that they trail one of those backup stories as being by ‘Moore’, without specifying that it’s Steve. I wonder if that was intentionally misleading? :slight_smile:


I think the answers are quite clearly no, no, and no :slight_smile:


Eagle awards were easy to pick up. We collected 3 back at Bristol in 2006.


nice…did you buy them from one of those shops that can also put the little golfers on trophies too?! :wink:


That one’s out of shot - “best use of a pitching wedge in a comic”


Having less UK comic awards means that certain comic writers are less likely to grumble and heckle from the back of the room.