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The Lack of UK comic awards...


What’s that, Matt, time for another rant?
No, of course not, I just wanted to throw something out there for a discussion, but of course I am going to through my tuppence in first, because I am starting the thread! :wink:

So, I just read a great article about the lack of and the need for more UK comic awards

…even though I really enjoyed the article and it mentions some interesting things…I couldn’t disagree more that we need MORE awards…we have enough and they do their jobs…well.

Personally, I feel that rather than having MORE awards ceremonies and reward a small few who have been nominated, I think we need more events like SMALL PRESS DAY to highlight ALL the talent that is out there…but that’s just me.

Yes, I completely understand that that more awards bring more exposure to the medium as a whole and will highlight some amazing talent, which is a great thing.
BUT what about the hundreds and thousands of other comic creators that won’t be nominated, because a judge or section committee weren’t keen on a comic based on “their” own personal options.

From what I have read, to qualify for most awards, you have to be nominated by your publisher anyway and most of the amazing undiscovered talent out there (that I have seen) do not have a publisher picking up their printing bills.
I know that this could sound like sour grapes because I have never been “published” by a “REAL” publisher, but between me you, I have been offered a couple of publishing contracts with smaller publishers, but I turned them down because they wanted to own, yep OWN the majority of a comic that I helped create with my artist partners…should I give away something that I helped give birth to, just so I can be given a pat on the back, have a shiny trophy and potentially be spotted by a larger publisher?
Hmmmmmmm, not for me.

I have seen other awards where you can nominate yourself?
Don’t get me wrong, I have an ego and I am proud of the comics I have made…but I don’t love myself THAT much that I need to feel the need to nominate myself. Recently, a buddy of mine sent me a link for an comic award competition that he thought I’d like to enter…
This was a great one, because to have your comic read and judged…you had to pay a $25 entry fee!
So, let me get this right, I have to pay YOU to read my comic and see if it is worthy to be considered for an award? The worst thing was this particular award already had sponsors too!
So, it just came across like scam to generate money and take advantage of creators who have aspirations to be picked up by the big two.

The Chief doesn’t charge us to enter the annual talent hunt…neither does Top Cow and even the DC Talent workshop…and those poor sods have to sift through thousands and thousands of entries.
I know these examples aren’t comic awards, but I wanted to show that there are other ways to potentially get a leg up in the industry.

Also, wouldn’t having MORE awards ceremonies just dilute importance of the ones that they have, because if we look at the movie industry as an example it is always the same films that are nominated for an Oscar, a BAFTA aaaaaaaaaand a Golden Globe….and if I am honest out of the last ten Best Picture winners at the Oscars…There is only one I would agree that was the best film that I saw that year…in my humble opinion.

So, Do you think we need MORE comic awards?



You’ve just described almost every single prose short story competition. It’s pretty common.

I hadn’t noticed that we’d ended up without a proper British comics award. What happened to the Eagle Awards? I vaguely remember some controversy (on the internet, novel!) and then something (the BCAs even?) else stepped in to replace it?


I hadn’t even noticed the Eagle Awards had stopped (in 2012, according to Wiki). Apparently replaced by something called the MCM Awards, though I can’t any evidence that anything has ever been awarded.

So…did anyone notice that the Eagle Awards had been discontinued? Did it bother you? :expressionless:


Apart from the Eisner awards i never knew there were other awards!


Wizard used to run their own awards as well, I think.


i miss Wizard…they should bring that back, even if it was just digital


The Eagle Awards were a big thing and they used to feature them on comics covers. I have to admit though I hadn’t noticed they’d stopped running them. They were pretty closely tied to the UKCAC conventions though and they disappeared so it doesn’t surprise me.


There was also something called the National Comics Awards, but it appears they didn’t last long.

After Alan Moore won “Best Comic Writer Ever” twice running, I suspect they started to think that running another poll was a bit pontless… :wink:


Ok, so based on the above, do you lot we need MORE awards?

Because if the ones mentioned are defunct and no one knew they had gone…are they needed?
Does anybody care?


No. I think it’s nice to have one core set of awards, more are a waste of time and usually ignored. It’s like nobody really remembers who won the Golden Globe, it’s the Oscar or Emmy that counts.


I also noticed that the sample covers with the “award” stamps don’t have the creators names!
Maybe the credits removed the need to say “look we won a award!”?


I can’t see the second cover but the first one is before the days when creators were credited on the cover.


Marvel took a little later, mid 90s, to consider that they should give creator credits on the cover. DC did it earlier in the 80s.


The second cover is a UK Captain Britain cover - some of the stories do have name credits on the cover, but they’re smaller than the titles of the stories.

I’ll try and upload it to see if that allows you to see it.


It’s a little funny that they credit the backups but not the main strip. :smile:


Looks like Marvel didn’t start putting creator credits on the cover until 1997. Uncanny X-Men #275 was 6 years before that and also the only reason I knew the Eagle Awards existed. :wink:


I’m trying to figure out whether it is Alan Moore or Jamie Delano Captain Britain…


It’s Jamie Delano for that one. Moore’s run finished up in Mighty World of Marvel.


Using Swamp Thing as a guide, as I knew Moore’s run didn’t start with cover credits but did later on, I can see the date DC started using them was June 1984. So well done Marvel in taking only 13 years to follow up. :smile:


Ya, I was using X-Force as my guide and issue #68 was the first to have creator credits. Liefeld left at #11 and Capullo left at #25. So I’m not really sure why they were bothering. :wink: