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The Killing Joke portfolio piece (pencils and inks)


So for my first post I thought I’d have a go at an Alan Moore script…

With my portfolio looking low on superhero sequentials I was looking for a script I hadn’t read to draw, and lo and behold I found the first 12 pages of Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke script.

I thought this would be an incentive to finally getting round to reading it and a cool way of celebrating the recent anniversaries of Batman and the Joker.

So here are pages 1-8. Thanks go of course to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.

All feedback welcome!

I’d love to see these coloured so any colourists who fancy having a go please let me know.



These look good and such a brilliant idea. We learn music by playing tunes put together by the greats. Why not learn comics by copying the masters? I heard that some writers start out taking a perfect script, like Casablanca, and typing it up word for word from the original draft. It’s a brilliant way of deconstructing it and figuring out why it was put together this way.



Have we ever seen any Mark Millar scripts in Millarworld publications? Can’t remember off top of my head.


Hunter Thompson used to claim he once copied the Great Gatsby just to see what writing perfect words felt like,

Very nice job.


Great work!


Thanks very much guys! More soon I hope!