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The Jupiter's Circle 2 #3 Letter Column Thread - Book On Sale Now!


So exciting!

I finished writing this series earlier in the year and had the best time doing it. This is everything I’m obsessed with and Jupiter’s Legacy and Circle, I think, almost everything I feel I have to say about superheroes in general. I’m more proud of these four volumes (all now written) than anything I’ve ever done. Skyfox is my favourite character from my own stable and he’s going to be INCREDIBLE in the movie. Hope ye folks enjoy!

Note: Everything printed below can and will be used in the letter column pages for upcoming issues.



I’m resisting the preview but really looking forward to tomorrow. :santa::thumbsup:


So, this is Jupiter’s Circle 2 which is different from Jupiter’s Legacy which is different from Jupiter’s Circle 1 and …

You dropped your Post-It notes all over the floor, didn’t you?


This is how George becomes a villain? Interesting choices :smile:

Lets see if the cops boycott Millar like they tried to go after Tarantino.


This week has been pretty busy with Star Wars (oh yeah and that Christmas thing too!), I didn’t want to rush reading this so I waited until last night.
This is an amazing book, the inclusion of real figures in American culture from that time is great and the final scene of the book made me want to high five Skyfox and buy him a beer. :beers: He’s a hero after my own heart! :slight_smile: I was thinking of waiting for the movie before I start making a Skyfox costume but the design in the book is so awesome I’m going ahead with that. Great Job, you guys have left me hanging on the edge of my seat…again! :wink:


Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #2 - I had read this before but it’s always nice to read in paper. I had thought there was some small yet odd changes in the art between some pages and am glad to know it was inconsistency but multiple artists with Rick Burchett being one of them. @wilfredotorres is still my favorite from this group. I still love what @Mark_Millar is doing with this book by giving us glimpses at the lives of superheroes in between action scenes and using news from the 1960’s to comment on what is happening today. Still loving this series.