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The Jerry Cornelius movie from 1973


Did you even know this existed? Moorcock’s billionaire physicist action hero…



No…but I’m gonna check it out. The mere idea sounds awesome.

The execution on the other hand…


Looks fun!


On the basis of loving his “Elric of Melnibone” work, teenage me bought a paperback of The Cornelius Chronicles containing his four Jerry Cornelius novels.

I know I finished “The Final Programme”, and I think I got through the second book, but that was it for me. Not quite what I had expected from the guy who wrote “Stormbringer”.

Maybe it’s time to give it another chance…


I remember seeing that back when I was into Doctor Who in the early 90’s. I was disappointed. I think it had a different title on the VHS.

Now that I think about it, it did seem more like a British TV movie - something along the lines of the surprisingly dark Quatermass series or even Zardoz. Or maybe one of those crazy Euro-Italian sci-fi movies like “The Mount Everest of insane ‘70s Italian movies” also known as The Visitor:

Starring John Huston AND Sam Peckinpah!!


Mike and I are buddies and correspond frequently. Right now his Moorcock’s Miscellany site, is down, but he can be found on Facebook under “Jerry Cornelius”.

The Final Programme was/is frequently discussed on his site by his Illuminati!


Helluva story behind this and The People That Time Forgot, the Edgar Rice Burroughs story he adapted and “co-produced”. He tells it better, of course, but the deal is Mike wanted a faithful adaptation. This was not exactly what the studio had in mind. Mike said as long as there were no dinosaurs or mud volcanoes he could adapt the script thusly. Production continued. One fine day the crew was getting set for the day’s shoot, and Mike saw some fellows carrying what looked like giant upside-down ice cream cones. What are those?

“The mud volcanoes for the dinosaurs to run through.”

Yep, adapter, writer and co-producer, the studio managed an end run to put in the exact precise things he forbade.

Mike had a wonderful time making movies!


It’s a long time since I’ve seen it, but as the trailer suggests it is very … “1973 Hammer”.

Which obviously means it’s awesome :slightly_smiling: :thumbsup: