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The "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Appreciation Club



Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare.

Probably the best 20 or so minutes of TV ever.


Full appreciation. I think Glenn Howerton is an absolute genius as Dennis, and I can’t understand why he’s not a huge movie star yet.


Yeah, that’s for sure. His evolution of Dennis’ character from general sleazebag to potential genuine serial killer is great slow burn to watch. But I believe the reason why him, Kaitlin Olson and Rob Mcelhenney aren’t major ‘movie stars’ is because IASIP is their project and it looks like it’s a full-time job. Which I am perfectly fine with.

Charlie Day tends to be the only one of The Gang who stars in projects other than the show. Like that Ice Cube film he has coming up.


Fully agreed about Dennis. Howerton is a master at both subtle and over-the-top displays of sociopathy.

Though I think Charlie and Frank’s depraved, filthy lifestyle is my favorite aspect of the show.


I often (half-jokingly) mention to my wife that having a bond as true and unbreakable as Frank and Charlie is something we need to strive for…


Try introducing cat food and nightcrawlers into the relationship!


Man, I really need to catch up on the last several seasons.


New season starts January 4th! Can’t wait!

Sunny is my #1 favourite show.


Sweet. I didn’t think there was gonna be another season cause Dee has a new show on FOX. Chardee MacDennis is the best episode.


A friend and I once convinced a trio of girls into playing nightcrawlers during a night of drinking. They did not understand the subtlety of the game.


The last few seasons have been hit and miss for me, but the show is still in my top 10 of favorite tv things ever.


lol. no.

Don’t strive for anything you see on this show lol. Enjoy it but don’t strive for it!


He was in the running to be Starlord until Chris Pratt took it from him.


He would be much better served as Jamie Madrox in an X-Factor series/movie. He acts and looks like the multiple man and it would allow him to show off his great comedic range.


Haven’t seen the last couple of seasons, but I think it’s a great show. And I think both Howerton and Kaitlin Olson are incredibly underrated. Really the whole cast is just great together.


But I really, really, really want to try a milk steak though


Can´t wait for the new season, really good show. Cringe comedy is the best, haha.


Trust Dennis and the gang to perfectly encapsulate the whole UK Investigatory Powers Bill/“Snooping Bill” rather succinctly


Great show!


Excellent news. To my great shame, I had never seen the show until last year. Then I binged through the entire run just in time for season 11 to turn up on Netflix.

For all the clever things that they come up with, this is probably the bit I laughed at the hardest…