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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


THE FLASH managed to do Gorilla City. They have no excuse.


Yeah - I mean, I was thinking about how I’d do Shao lao on a budget and I think you could do it with a combination of practical effects and CGI without feeling too hokey or like a cheat. Dr Strange put Kamar Taj in a back-alley in Nepal, and you obviously couldn’t do that with K’un L’un, but filming some scenes in a monastery wouldn’t have been too expensive.

They obviously decided early on not to do that though. I would have much preferred if the first couple of episodes had just had Danny growing up in K’un L’un before coming to NYC but obviously there’s a piece of that puzzle we’re not meant to know about yet.

I also wonder if they tightened the purse-strings on Iron Fist to give them a little bit more budgetary room for Defenders - which seems to be the higher concern for Marvel.

Wenham as Harold Meachum is interesting - He’s an Australian actor who I know through my aunt’s work on Seachange, where he got his big break - he’s a very, very good actor and he’s obviously trying to give a lot to the character but it’s not really supported that well by the script.

EDIT: A small personal criticism which is something that really annoyed me in Luke Cage is that these shows have a tendency to stage the characters colour-scheme in most of the shots. In Daredevil it was red, in Jessica Jones it was Purple - in Cage they wen absolutely obverboard with everything being Teal and Gold, and Danny’s Forest Green/Canary Yellow combo is pretty present here too - it’s not as garish as in Cage but I notice it every time they do it.


And Legion chose to go full Wes Anderson. :wink: :).


Oh and from a purely purulent interest on my part, Daredevil and Cage brought the hot men moments, Ironfist… not so much, which is funny considering how naked he was on Game of Thones.


Well Episode 13 is just full on men-orgies.


Yeah which was a good choice.

Compare that to the sterility of Singer, the oversaturated Watchmen or the obsessive colour-scheming of the Netflix shows.

Legion is a delight to watch.


Well the RT 17% score seems vastly undeserved… it’s not 17% kinda bad… =/


No it’s definitely not - there really does appear to be a backlash against the identity politics thing that haunted development.

It’s, by-far-and-away, not significantly less than any of the other Marvel Netflix shows. If someone said it was their least favourite I’d buy it - but if Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are an 8/10, this really can’t be lower than a 6/10.

Personally I think it’s a tiny wee bit better then Cage, but I think that’s more about personal taste then anything else.


I finished it last night and I stick by my assessment halfway through. There’s nothing bad here, just very little that stands out. The best parts were pretty much everything with Colleen, and the ongoing evolution of Danny’s relationship with the Meachums, especially Joy and Ward’s positions towards him swapping place. Still looking forward to Defenders, and I won’t say no to a second series of Iron Fist


One of the more annoying elements is, as the series progresses and the Kung Fu gets more and more complicated in their choreography, they stage the fights in places with limited light so they can easily swap in doubles.


On review, I maintain that it’s at equal to the other Marvel Netflix shows, and at worst, only a little lesser.

The Meachums became a surprisingly positive part of the series - the series manages to veer fairly close to each of those three characters without it feeling too padded, and by the end, a couple of the major beats from Thomas/Kane origin series are satisfied.

There are LOTS of hints dropped at the further world of Iron Fist and the overall mythology, and it’s one of those things which you hope they’ll tackle in further seasons but it’s also easily doubted,considering the focus of season 1.

I disagree that there’s nothing memorable here - I thought the chemistry between Danny and Colleen was more compelling then any of the other romances we’ve seen in these shows to date, and the fight scenes are mostly well done, although it’s true that there’s nothing as kinetic as the hallway scene from Daredevil.

Finn Jones plays a breathless and determined Danny, which is fine, but we don’t really get to see any of the joy or charm of the character. I suppose that’s fair enough, as having a slightly upbeat Kung Fu artist might contrast badly with the psychotic nature of the villains, but if I had a major criticism it’s that Jones’ casting a Rand didn’t feel as true to the character as Colter and Cox before him.

If I have hopes for the future it’s that more from K’un L’un is brought in - although, I’m doubtful, and think the show will mostly remain in New York. I’d love to see Yu Ti and perhaps Master Khan as a villain, and obviously the big drawcard would be a complete set of Immortal Weapons - that is if there’s a season 2 (which I’d bet on).

I think the show, like some of the Marvel Movies before it, fails in that it is so heavily restrained by continuity (Gao) and setting up links between the shows (The Defenders) - if you were doing an Iron Fist show in it’s own continuity, I’d imagine there would be significant changes.


Oh, I loved that Claire says “Sweet Christmas” a couple of times.


I did catch that.

On Clare - I did feel the scene where she justifies going after the Hand in China was one of the low-points of the series, along with the flashback in episode 1 and a couple of other bits.

Just really forced writing.


This is something I said during the BvS/Civil War arguments last year…with superhero stuff you can almost go the total opposite of what critics say. They are just looking for clicks and will say whatever they think their readers want to hear. It has nothing to do with critical thought or whether something is “good” or “bad”…it’s a confirmation bias guessing game and nothing more.



…youre a critic…

…so… If I agree with you… then… :fearful:


Not really. I help a publication with their capsule reviews but my days of seeing 3-4 films a week and writing some 2000 words on them are well behind me.


Just tell me what to think.


“Beatlemania is back”





And then the holy wars began.