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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Yeah, why do they keep doing that? Why do they think it would break the illusion if instead of “green guy” or “guy with a magic hammer” they just said Hulk or Thor?


That’s how people talk about celebrities on the ‘street’! Like when we’re talking politics and we talk about “the orange guy”, or when we’re talking sport and we mention “the guy with the golden balls”. No-one ever actually uses their names.






Enh, never mind. That was churlish. Nothing is universally liked. And since Netflix doesn’t give ratings, all there is to “measure” aggregate consumption is watercooler and internet chatter, which aren’t picked up and used on a wide scale like ratings.

It’s insulating against bad word of mouth in some ways because no one knows if they are picking a “winner” or a “loser.” They can just watch and any and all buzz is beneficial.


That might seem true on the first few episodes, but I think it’s more to do with comparing the corporate setting to Harlem. I had similar complaints about Cages characters (Pops for example) and JJs neighbours were contrived too initially.

When I say this “holds up” I mean it’s got all the same faults as the other series (although perhaps a little amplified). If you can put those aside it’s fine. Like LC I felt it took me around episode 5 to get going.


Too-dumb-even-if-he-is-cute Danny just doesn’t work for me.

This makes me sad.

HOWEVER drink-every-time-Danny-does-something-dumb is bloody lethal.


TV Guide gave it 3 out of 5 stars, so I guess it got at least one good review.


He’s not dumb tho, he’s just ultra naive… Basically (and this is not a theory) Danny’s stuck in the mindset of a 12 year-old when it comes to his emotions and his “social ettiquette” in the real world. He comes back to NY behaving like a 12 y-o cause he just doesn’t know any different… I mean, he’s been stuck in another dimension all that time. So it actually makes sense, although I’ll admit it’s a different take on the character… but at the very least Finn Jones sold me on that character, which honesty wasn’t an easy task in the first place.


My problem with this take is that Kun 'Lun is a city with people and with people come politics, and factionalism. For a while he was behaving as if he wasn’t raised by people at all, but by a machine.


Which is why it takes me so long to get through a single episode. I have to stop, let the swearing out, and then resume watching.

Although I have to admit I’m watching for Colleen, Claire and Gao at this point.


One thing that isn’t talked about enough is how great the women characters are on the Marvel Netflix shows. JJ gets credit for it because it’s also female-led, but Daredevil and Luke Cage gave us Claire, Misty, Vanessa Fisk, Black Mariah, Karen Page, and Elektra. They’re all major players in their shows, have their own storylines, and if (like Karen Page) they get into trouble, it’s trouble they caused and trouble they also find their way out of.



Already found clips on Youtube:


You might want to consider whether some of those video-titles are spoilers!


Fixed it.


Sure but that doesn’t mean a completely sealed off in their own little world quasi-medieval society would be even remotely close to a 21st century NY/rest of the world. The only cues about the RW he has are those he remembers from when he was a kid, hence his attrocious fashion sense for exemple, like the wearing of white sneakers everywhere like kids do (or did) at that age, or how he keep waving hi to the few people he knows at the most inapporpriate times, etc…

I thought that was one of the better written parts of the show, actually…


I’m starting ep 6 and have to agree that it gets better. Scott Buck was the sole writer of the first two episodes and as soon as he handed over primary writing duties to other writers I started to notice an improvement. The supporting characters became more rounded and for the most part the amateurish dialogue went away. Colleen especially is really getting to shine. The visuals also improve somewhat (not sure about the reasoning there), though it still doesn’t look as good as DD or LC.

I still feel that the show is focusing on the wrong things, though. And that Finn Jones isn’t a strong enough actor to carry a show. There are times when he’ll say something meant to be sweet or gracious but he comes off like a dick. It isn’t an intentional character trait, either–the other characters react as if he’s being gracious. There’s just something off and vaguely condescending about Jones, at least to me.

Episode 6 seems to introduce the Immortal Weapons (I forgot one of them is obsessed with spiders… oh joy) so hopefully the show will head into more interesting territory soon. Iron Fist vs heroin dealers, even if they are backed by the Hand, isn’t cutting it right now.

EDIT: Another problem is that the show is repeating a lot of the same territory from Daredevil. The show needed to differentiate itself immediately and it failed, and is still failing, to do that.


Episode 6 was a definite positive shift. I’m on 10 now.


It definitely does get better - it’s probably the only Marvel Netflix show that has a much stronger back half than the first.

There’s some nice cameos Scythe, Bride of Nine Spiders, Zhou Cheng from Duane Swiercynski’s run, Bakuto from Diggle’s Daredevil , and the villains do genuinely grow layers as the show goes on particularly Ward and Harold and Davos does show up in the final quarter.

Danny’s origin is mostly only ever paid lip-service too - which is obviously for budget reasons - but it’s a real shame as K’un L’un and the characters there are so integral to the character.

Still not finished but I’m enjoying it now in the back half. At least as much as I’ve enjoyed the other shows.