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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Things smoothed out for me in Episode 4. The introduction of Jeri Hogarth made things start looking up. Her grit balanced out Danny presence for me. It’s also nice to see her being, well, nice.


Here is a summary of the twitter reaction I’m seeing:


Gotta be an improvement over Marvel’s last Eric Trump:


Is that from the first X-Men movie?


Yep! Mutant Senator Kelly was the first thing I thought of when I started seeing pictures of Eric Trump during the election.


First ep… I’m not mad at it. I have no great love for the character, I’m just watching it because Marvel.
Some of the writing/acting is undeniably not convincing… usually in scenes with Ward Meachum.


Well I finished it… damn those binges :smile:

Sooo… I dunno… honestly it’s on par with the other Nteflix Marvel shows, except for DD1 which was, well the first, so new and better by default, but just better overall. However IF is indeed lacking in terms of photography, at times, and the direction sometime lacks as well… But other than that, it’s no inferior to Cage or JJ…

Yes, it is a bit slow at times… wow how surprising right? =P

Actually, I didn’t find it to be as slow as Cage or JJ, bth… the flow was and improvement, actually. I did feel both this and Cage had a smaller budget though… But compared to Cage, this has A LOT more action (and better pace)… and no, nothing as brilliant as the infamous DD1 corridor scene, but let’s be real, what is? They still have some pretty sweet fights that can vary from ep to ep in terms of quility in edits (hence the lesser budget issues). They tease you a butt-load, but at least they show a couple of things, that reminded me of DD1 with all the teasing.

So… is it DD season 1? nope… is it something wild and new like Legion? nope… is it entertaining and worth the watch? Hell yeah!

I’m not sure what the reviewers smoke sometimes (though to be fair the first 2 episode were probably the weakest ones), because this is certainly not the “disaster” that was announced. The cast is also pretty diverse (Coleen shares almost as much screen-time as Danny, btw, and the “whitewashing” argument was silly anyways) and they do a good job in the acting department… the weakest one I thought was Harold, not because of the actor, but because of the writting… he was a very confusing character, poorly written I thought… Poor Faramir did his best tho…

There are some things that bothered the shit out of me, but that’s the usual Marvel TV problems, like calling the fuckin’ alien invasion an “incident” and Hulk the “green guy”, and people in NY being so confused with weird things… like… they shouldn’t be at this point.

So anyways, I enjoyed it… I’m really eaxcited to see all those characters unite in Defenders, and I sort of wish we’d get a second season of Iron Fist, but only if they give them the necessary buudget to pull some off the more “out-there” things… all that teasing was painful =(


Oh btw, I read this on a RT review: “Iron Fist’s decided unwokeness is notable, particularly when Danny lectures Colleen, who is of East Asian descent, on the right way to channel her internal force.”

I had to laugh at that… So the reviewer is complaining about the racism by saying something even more racist… riiiight… :smile:


First episode is a bit boring, I have to say. There’s a lot of Danny stumbling around and running against the same walls again and again, with dialogues that are devoid of anything that’d make any of the characters interesting to me. Homeless Guy with Smartphone is also way too obvious an expositionary device. And, most problematically because this will go for the whole show, apart from Finn Jones (who is doing fine, I think) all of the actors are pretty crap. Especially Ward Meachum, but none of them are particularly watchable.

The fights are nicely done, and the idea of a kung-fu master from a magical place who is a fish out of the water in New York sometimes kind of works, but overall I didn’t feel particularly compelled to watch this.

Also, it’s kind of the story of a spoiled rich kid who hits people so he’ll get his stuff back.


not really tho… actually, not at all xD


I know, Jon, I was poking a little fun at Tim’s and Steve’s discussion upthread :wink:


oops… sorry, my bad =P


4 episodes in, and it’s growing on me. The fights get progressively better ( intentionally, I think ) and Finn does a fine job with everything.


It holds up against the other Netflix shows.
It’s the usual deal - first few episodes are dull, lots of padding.

There are problems - but calling this “total shit” and Luke Cage “utterly amazing” in the same breathe is stretching it a little. A lot of the reviewers seem unable to get over the idea of a white martial artist - which just seems backlash for not casting Asian (honestly)- the reviewers dwelling on the offending scene where Danny teaches Colleen Wing seem to forget the multi-ethnicity of Colleens dojo. Jones isn’t super convincing as a fighter, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

It’s okay. Episode 7 so far - if you ever wanted to know what happened with Madame Gao in Daredevil, this is that series.

It’s true that Jones isn’t as compelling as Colter, Cox and Ritter - but he’s not terrible.


Watched the first episode last night. It’s resoundingly okay. I’d rank it about on par with JJ but better than Cage. It did take a turn for the bizarre though with Howard Meachum. So he’s faked his own death by cancer and is now living out of a lavish hidden bunker while still secretly controlling the company through his son, who he’s nothing but nasty to, and has a personal assistant that lives with him who he’s been grooming since childhood?


You know, I didn’t see any reviews of Luke Cage outside of MW, but did it have that positive an echo by reviewers? Because I thought it was pretty bad.

Iron Fist shares some of its weaknesses (that is, corny dialogue and bland direction), but at least Cage had Mahershala Ali. Then again, I like the actions scenes in IF better already.

We’ll see how the next episodes go.


It was very well reviewed on the first six - total opposite of Iron Fist.

Luke Cage had great music and Cotton mouth was compelling. Those are the advantages it has over this in my mind.


Yeah, I’d say that’s fair.


Watched the first 2 episodes last night and thought they were pretty bad. Finn Jones is okay, not terrible but nothing special. I can’t imagine him with Simone Missick at all, so that’s a major knock against him. Although I guess it’s possible the show won’t go that route.

The dialogue in Luke Cage could be clunky, sometimes really clunky, but at least it revealed character. Here, I have a bit of a grasp on who Danny is, but no one else. Cage’s biggest strength is that the community it depicted felt real. Iron Fist so far is like watching Danny Rand interacting with a bunch of paper cutouts. Hopefully that’ll change because David Wenham and Jessica Henwick are trying their hardest despite the lousy writing.

You have to wonder why Marvel picked Scott Buck after his work was so critically reviled on Dexter. So far there’s nothing as contrived or overwrought as late-season Dexter, but I can still tell it’s from the same guy. Aside from the cool setting of Harold Meachum’s bunker, there have been zero interesting visuals. There doesn’t seem to have been much thought put into camerawork, lighting, and shot composition because they’re all as bland as they were on Dexter. What sets Daredevil and Luke Cage apart from the other MCU properties is that they look good. Iron Fist looks like it could be an episode of NCIS. The music doesn’t help there, either. (In fact, it reminds me of the intentionally cheesy synth music from the episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Frank returns to the company he ran in the 80s).

It also feels like a major misstep for the show to start off so mundanely. Iron Fist has a cooler backstory than any of the other Netflix characters so why start with him getting pushed around by security guards and thrown into a dingey, depressing psych ward? I get that Marvel wants the Netflix shows to have a similar grounded feel but having your fourth show start off in a completely different place, with a completely different tone, would have been a great way to inject some variety into the Netflix corner of the MCU before the Defenders crossover. So far, Iron Fist feels like a big missed opportunity.


That’s a perfect summary Will. It’s a terrible way to open the series. I can’t imagine many non comic fans persevering.

This can’t be what Netflix wanted.