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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Well I got to the 5th episode and so far it’s pretty good… Now I’m wondering what were those reviewers talking about? =/

So far it seems up to par with the rest of the Netflix shows, with a couple hickups Like the scene Tim mentioned, but that was probably down to somw shitty writting and acting. Anyways, I’m still very much on board for the rest… I’m tempted to binge it, but nah, gonna go sleep =P

Oh I do have to say, it is a uhm… quite different interpretation of Danny Rand, but it actually makes sense when you think about his particular situation… He’s basically a man-child, in the sense that you can see he’s basically the same 12 y-o boy he used to be, except when it comes to his “purpose”… The way he talks, the way he behaves, the way he dresses, it’s very much the way of a naive & innocent kid would, and I gotta say, Finn Jones sold me on that portrayal, so good job! Buuut that might be a point of contention to some fans, so we’ll see =P

I’m gonna read some of those reviews tomorrow, I wonder what it is that made reviewers hate this so much, cause I’m really not seeing it =/


Making the Meachums the villains is like making Spider-Man a wrestler for an entire film


Eh it was pretty clear from early on there as more going on, even if they didn’t spell it out. I don’t think they’ll be the villains of this piece… or not the only ones at least.


Yeah. I had hoped that too.

Harold Meachum is pretty important in Iron Fist Lore but…

…you need to go further. Meachum is barely half his origin story. Ward was a pretty core villain - but only insofar as he was allied with Davos.


That’s kinda been the M.O. of the Netflix shows for a while now, not always for the villains, but in terms of growing toward the character’s more notable aspects. They really stretch it out.

I’m glad to hear it’s not as bad as it was rumored to be.


You and Charlie seem to have the same POV, Jon. They’re telling the story in the same style, and some folks now find that slow and dull. See if you like this review.



So I think, like the Luke Cage and Jessica Jones thread, we should put spoilers around specific comments and mark which episodes we’re talking about?

I’m 40 mins into episode 1 so far, it’s decent enough.


Add the word SPOILERS to the thread title too please, I’ve made that mistake before so take pity on people like me.


good point, done


How is this show not out yet?


Every clip I have seen is the same problem - no light. As in no light bulbs, the world’s worst decision on art direction, and I basically am looking in a hole with a few artsy-fartsy indications of movements while the plot crawls along like an arthritic snail.

So far, there has been nothing to attract me to any of these series.

Miqque Out.


It’s out here…


Have you tried shining a flashlight at the screen?


OK, halfway through episode 3 and I’m enjoying it, but I can see where the criticisms are coming from.

It’s nothing special.

Daredevil came first, gave us gritty and dark, harsh violence, and that hallway fight. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage gave us new perspectives on the superhero - the PTSD sufferer and how the hero interacts with their community. But right now, Iron Fist is just some white guy who knows martial arts… And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly fine. Just nothing new.

There’s a fair amount to recommend here - Finn Jones is likeable as Danny Rand, with a boyish charm. Colleen Wing is great, and their kung-fu movie putdowns are fun. The fight scenes aren’t spectacular, but they do the trick. More to follow, no doubt.

EDIT: Also, the soundtrack is ace. Not loving some of the hip hop cuts (Luke Cage was far better in that regard), but the arpeggiating synth work is great.


Honestly the 2 first episodes were a bit slow… and had some faux-pas here and there, but 3 to 5 were better. Oh and I can’t stand that Charlie guy… :smile:


It’s taken me three hours to get through episode 1. It’s frustrating the hell out of me. Episode two isn’t much better, but I’m just fast forwarding through it.

Right now, I’m annoyed, but I’m going to keep going.


I just watched the first episode. I liked it. Mrs. Jones liked it.

Danny is quite likeable.



It’s started to click more for me with the fourth episode now that The Hand are playing more of a role.

But it’s a little weirdly paced for me. Some scenes go on longer than they should. But then other things feel like they could do with more time. Claires introduction feels very quick, and the sudden rush to introduce a romance angle with Colleen felt very awkward too.

And for a show that’s going to have a lot of fighting. I don’t think it’s been very well shot so far. The hallway hatchet scene has been the best so far. But the rest look slow and lack any impact…


Ohhh episode 6: Bride of Nine Spiders That’s a very nice surprise, for the very obvious reasons… Unfortunately, this just raised my expectations to a level I’m sure ain’t gonna be met :smile: