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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


I like nerds Tim. That’s my peer group.

I only know a few rich guys and they’re not assholes who smash up their houses when they have emotional problems.


BUT what about a story about a guy like that who learns how not to be an asshole and deal with emotional problems like a normal person would?


Does he get any kind of animal-based powers along the way? It’s kind of a deal-breaker.


After he’s smashed up a lot of stuff that other people could’ve benefitted from.

Get some therapy and call the local charities to take away all your crap and help other people in the process.

That fact that he has to trash hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars worth of stuff to learn to be a better person is what makes him an asshole.

It’s the premise that’s flawed, not the execution.


Well, maybe if you watched the movie you’d change your mind as to the facts!

IIRC his wife’s father is the villain of the piece and is benefiting from her insurance payout or something, so the demolition stuff plays into countering that somehow - I forget.


We’ll have no truck with informed opinions here!


To be fair to Steve - I’m mostly just bantering because I know he gets a kick out of it.

It’s totally within everyones right to decide if they want to watch a film based on what they’ve learned or know about it.

I enjoyed it, and found it a pleasant surprise, although I hadn’t heard or seen trailers previously.



calls off the ninja hit team

We’ll all good Tim! Just… stay away from windows and check your brake cables for a few days ok?


So when his kitchen roof fell in, that wasn’t an accident?


Total accident.

The near miss from the runaway steamrollers though… no that was an accident too.


Sign up for free trial, watch The Expanse, cancel free trial when done.


So, pretty successful at smashing up his stuff then? :confused:




It comes out today and I will of course be watching it but the general consensus does seem to be that it’s “boring”.

To be honest, I don’t think the Netflix Marvel shows have been infallible. I largely enjoyed Daredevil and found Jessica Jones to be compelling, mostly because of Killgrave. I didn’t really connect with Luke Cage that much but definitely found redemption in it’s soundtrack.

Of the four Defenders characters Iron Fist is by far my favourite and the one I’ve been most looking forward to. I wasn’t that excited about Finn Jones or Scott Buck as showrunner but I’ve always been willing to give the benefit of the doubt. When the “white saviour” stuff started to happen I was firmly on the side of “you can do the character without that trope”, because, like Luke Cage, some of the best Iron Fist stories have been about celebrating and examining Multi-culturalism and NOT Culturalism.

Mostly though, I was excited for a series that got deep into the lore and delved into stuff like the Immortal Weapons, the Seven Cities of Heaven. I was keen to see Yu-Ti and Shou-Lao and Davos; I liked the idea of a show that was going to do that stuff and blend street heroics and the occassional goofiness of the Heroes for Hire world. Even on a Netflix budget I figured we would get a show that was able to balance these things and celebrate the character and the many different cultures involved.

Perhaps because it was ostensibly the most ambitious of the four shows is why it has fallen so flat. There were a lot of things to get balanced and I was pretty confident Marvel could do it after the previous shows but it seems like they’ve gone for a shockingly ambitious-less approach, that not only ignores all the exciting bit of Danny Rand’s story, but also seems to misunderstand the central conceit and charm of the character.

I don’t know - I haven’t watched it and I’ll be spitting out reviews over the next week or so, I’m sure. I can say though that I can’t remember the last time my expectations for something had plummeted so quickly.


I’m watching it now.

Nothing hugely grievous so far but there is a small flashback in the first episode which is really poorly written and acted.

Im putting Scott Buck purely on my sights for this.

EDIT: Its an odd interpretation of the character though.


That’s a tad harsh. I thought the board-game told a better story than Mario Galaxy in that particular scene.

My main issue so far is that Finn Jones doesn’t really move like Iron Fist. Maybe his feet are sore. I like Colleen. I’m pretty sure Dan Stevens was just around the corner in the second episode.


Yeah it just appeared in a big banner on my Netflix. I’m tempted to skip it and wait for Defenders.


I thought that scene was pretty bad, but mostly because the actor playing young ward was really awful.

I’m not too keen on the PTSD-type stuff and I agree that the choreagraphy doesn’t suggest Danny is beyond reproach.

We’ll see - I’m keeping an open mind and only critisizing things as they pop up, because of the bad reviews. Finn Jones isn’t delivering the type of Danny I would have liked though - he’s more like Kaare Andrews vesion.


I’m going to give it a try, I’ve got no big expectations beyond it being a TV show that’ll slot into the Marvel TV universe.

But if it is dull then yes, I’ll skip the rest of the season and wait and see how The Defenders turns out?