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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


I am serious. And don’t call me Shou-Lao.


Apparently there’s no Shao-Lao in the show.


Well, you’d have to.

That’s, like, a pretty major thing - it’s be like Batman without Bats.


Surely no Shao-Lao no-show?


IIRC, they’re going to “hint at him” in a “smart way”.


Orangism, once called “feckin gingers”, is on the rise.


That’s what trailers are for: judging whether you want to see the film. It’s their entire purpose for existing.


Lawyered! :wink:


Funnily enough, not a term of affection that I’ve ever directed towards my red-headed son or his mother.


This is a bit of the problem with most movies and television generally. It seemed a bit different in the 70’s, but lately when you see people at work - even in working class jobs - they have plenty of time to shoot the breeze and get involved in all sorts of drama. Even tending bar or waiting tables, the characters always seem to have plenty of time to stand around and talk. There’s never really a sense that the characters are working. Especially considering the great apartments they could not possibly afford with such easy jobs that would pay no living wage. Good thing for credit cards!

It is a bit of the escapist element for a lot of shows, but it’s gotten more noticeable after the recession when working class life has gotten much harder, but all the characters in television never seem to have trouble working, finding work, paying bills while going out and beating up criminals (who can’t find jobs because they have a record. And are now too disabled by the beating to find a legit job).

Even in shows like Daredevil where these poor lawyers are starting out with no money, they still have time and money for all this non-essential spending. If characters really are supposed to be working for a living, it should affect them in the story. It was actually something I appreciated about Spider-Man 2 when he couldn’t even hold down a pizza delivery job. It think it would help if they worked work better into the character’s lives.


Sorry sir, I thought I was talking to “SteveUK” who’s worked in the film industry half his life and is very aware that trailers are marketing tools that aren’t uniformly representative of the final product.

I take back my previous comment and will let you get back to enjoying your library of Snyder and Michael Bay! :wink:


You need to work on your insults. :wink:


What exactly are you admitting here!!?


That I love both Snyder and Bay. Though I’m more partial to the former than the latter. :wink:


Your face is more partial to the former than the latter.


Remember when Lucas and Spielberg teamed up and we got Indiana Jones?

Just imagine if Snyder and Bay teamed up :open_mouth:


Coming soon to a theater near you: Pretty Explosions


Bay would be the perfect choice for a Green Lantern Hal Jordan movie.

There, I said it.


And I get that, but your review of the film doesn’t contradict anything in the trailer.

The trailer says he’s a spoiled, rich guy who smashes up his stuff to deal with his grief. The film might tell that story well (as you say it does, and I have no reason to disbelieve you) but–

–it’s STILL a spoiled, rich guy smashing up his stuff to deal with his grief.

So the trailer is correct! For once.

So to hell with him! That’s two hours I can spend watching Zack Bay’s next film instead.


BUT he’s only a spoiled rich guy at the start!

I mean, did you avoid watching Spider-Man because it was about a science nerd?