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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Well, until there’s an official announcement, I’m not buying the Loki & Scarlett Witch series… so IF still looks good.


Yeah, I’m taking this one with a grain of salt, too. But it may still turn out to be true - Iron Fist has some name recognition now, and Disney might just decide he could be a nice addition to their streaming. I doubt it’d be a solo series, but as a team effort maybe?

(In truth, I’d like them to cancel Cage, too, and just put those four characters together in a Heroes for Hire series.)


Disappointed. Hoping “Heroes For Hire” becomes a real thing. Honestly, that would be even better than a third season.


I remember reading a statement from someone on Netflix hinting at that possibility… so let’s hope they greenlight it…

Although I suppose it’ll also depend on the actors’ schedules and whatnot…


Netflix continues to use industry jargon, although now it is becoming clear this is inadequate at least. They and others are not quite movie studios and not quite broadcast television, yet need the same folks to do similar jobs and thus use familiar language. “Not going to produce a 3rd season” does not have the semantic impact of “cancelled”. This is how lawyers make money.



Wait, so he didn’t say “Oh God this is terrible my career is over I wish I had never taken this role I just don’t know what to do now please I’ll take any job now just cast me in anything!”?

How unusual.


You have to read between the lines to see him say that.


Either way, that weird part where Danny is dual-wielding two guns with his Iron Fist powers, you can thank Orson for that. That was his thing.

Danny learns to use Orson’s Guns to refocus his Chi


Hang on? Orson Randall turned up and they cancelled the bloody show? :open_mouth:


just his guns. Danny and Ward are seen looking for him


Iron FIST using guns?

I’d cancel that bastard so fast…


I don’t know if you ever read the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run on Iron Fist but Orson Randall (the previous Iron Fist who used guns) was a hugely fun character with some great stories. A lot of it was in the pulp-y way those stories were told, though.


It is somewhat impressive that they could think of ways to spend $2bn without Iron Fist or Luke Cage.


“A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon you’re talking real money!”
Misquoted as coming from Everett Dirkson.


Well I reckon cancelling the shows has got more to do with Marvel’s contract or they just plan to merge those two shows, which is what everyone’s been asking for anyways…


In the case of Luke Cage, they’re saying there were some “creative differences” but that sounds like an excuse to me. If Marvel was really unhappy with the scripts received and the showrunner wasn’t going to budge, fire him and the writers and get a new crew in in. Yeah, there’s a delay and some sunk costs but nothing to cancel an entire series over.


Such a thing would be unprecedented in the history of the Marvel Netflix shows!


Yeah which is why the “creative differences” thing might more likely stem from the idea to actually merge the shows… I’m sure some people are for and against that kind of idea (like a whole crew or even just showrunners and whatnot losing a job, for exemple)…


Finally got around to watching both Season 2 of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Kinda bummed both got cancelled since I thought both were improvements on the first seasons. And they both had interesting set ups for Season 3. Although I mostly might be sad that I don’t get more Colleen Wing.