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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Just started episode 3: Laura and I kinda want Colleen’s wooden alarm clock.


Finished the first 2. It’s much, much better but still hasn’t grabbed me just yet.


Ep 1 had some prime Danny moments.

“Hello, I’m an obviously unhinged, revenge-fuelled villain in the making and demand you give me several of your company’s assets.”

Ward: “We need to get these papers vetted and–”


Bless him.



Not exactly what I would consider a stellar resumé, there.


Most shit TV shows wouldn’t get a second season, so it’s not much of a record. But I’m guessing Iron Fist will take whatever good PR it can get.


I’m up to ep 5 now. Felt like episodes two to four were treading water a lot. Ward and his sister feel kinda superfluous to the story, and tacked on. I mean, she wants her independence (okay) and she wants to hurt Danny (weird, not convincing), and Ward wants… I don’t know, to be loved? The story would be tighter and make more sense without either of them, really. Though I still like Ward too much to want to see him go, bless the little runt.

Mary is an interesting character generally, and I like the actress, but it feels like they don’t quite know how to use her. Hopefully, that’ll change.

I’m glad Davos has the Iron Fist now. That should give the rest of the season some drive.


It Ian so obvious as this season progresses that Daughters of the Dragon would be a better option for a season than any more Iron Fist. Or Luke Cage, for that matter. Just follow Colleen and Misty and have cameos from Danny and Luke as required.


Or a Heroes for Hire series and have them all together, since tbh, none of them can really carry a show on their own or in pairs (as evidenced by both LC & IF).


Certainly, especially if that frees up production time to add more Punisher to the list.


Going through the show very slowly, but I just noticed that the NYPD code for a superpowered suspect is a 616.


After reading spoilers here and elsewhere, I am really thinking about watching the last episode and then going back to the beginning of the season. Just get the end out of the way and then I may be able to enjoy how they get there.


So, I needed to analyze why I feel this way about this season of Iron Fist and after thinking, I’ve realized why I want to watch it backward first. It features one of my least favorite tropes: power theft/manipulation . I want to see the end, but having to wade through the results of a story element I viscerally dislike is enough to make me want to get to the end and see if I like it enough to go back and wade through the rest.


Try watching it with Ward as the protagonist. It becomes the tale of a man just trying to get on with running the family business while his insufferable relatives keep buggering it all up. Arrested Development with kung fu.


Finished the show last night, and it’s an improvement on series 1, but still good rather than great. The 10 episode worked better for the length of the story, but there’s still a fair bit of meandering, only now it’s front-loaded, as Ward spends ages trying to figure out why Joy demanded what she did from him and Danny, only for none of it to matter.

Other than that, the performances are pretty much all good. Alice Eve is a great addition to the show as Typhoid Mary, Sascha Diwan nails Davos’ descent into irrationality as his dream slips away from him, and Jessica Henwick and Simone Messick continue to have fantastic chemisty as Colleen and Misty. Finn Jones is better than he was in series 1, but still something of a weak link, especially in fight scenes.

I think the best thing they do here is giving a bit more of an explanation for why Danny is so trusting. His final conversation with Davos is a good exchange, and it helps to justify his behaviour, even when it works against him overall.

My main ehhhh is the stinger for series 3. It smacks of the whole “let’s do a crazy cliffhanger and figure it out later!” mindset a lot of TV writers have. I hope they have a plan for how to explain the changes to Danny at the end and move forward, but given how often the writing teams on the Marvel Netflix shows have jumped around, I’d be surprised.


I’m probably one of the few people here who actually liked Season 1, and who similarly like Jones’ portrayal of Danny Rand. As such, his diminished role in Season 2 was disappointing. I do think the series overall was better, but I didn’t enjoy it as much. Ward and Joy were both far, far better in this than they were previously.


I liked the unintentional comedy in the finale of Colleen and Misty wandering away from the kid who was just killed in front of them to have a wee chat while his corpse lies in the background.


Haven’t read a thing in this thread.

Never watched season one, but watched all the other stuff. Too many people told me to skip.

Watched season two and thought it was okay/alright (and put it ahead of Luke Cage season two, which I could not get into).

I would’ve watched season 3. If two was a vast improvement on one, maybe three would’ve followed and been even better.

Just read it’s been cancelled and found that a bit odd.
Wouldn’t they just not talk about it? Or answer the question next summer?

And Luke Cage has a lead that you want to like, but I would not watch a season 3 of that unless you guys swore to me I need to.
Seems to me if Iron Fist is cancelled then Luke Cage should be in the same announcement.

Unfair? I dont know. I skipped season one.
Maybe I shouldn’t comment.
But why does Netflix feel the need to “Cancel”?


This is the first I’ve heard about this and it surprises me, too. Bit of a shame, I liked the second season quite well and would’ve come back for a third.

As to the why… well, the first season got overwhelmingly bad reviews, and while they probably were already committed to a second one, they may already have decided back then that there wouldn’t be a third.

Of course, there’s always rumours (this one from Deadline):

Of course, while out for the count at Netflix, the tale of billionaire Danny Rand and Colleen Wing may “live on,” to quote Friday’s statement, on other platforms. That “other” being the streaming service that Disney is expected to launch next year, which already has series on Marvel fan favorites Loki and the Scarlet Witch in the pipeline, with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen expect to reprise their big screen roles. I hear that while Marvel wanted Iron Fist to continue on Netflix, the parent company’s new rival to the streamer has put the idea of a resurrection in consideration as it fosters the likes of the already announced Jon Favreau produced Star Wars series too.


That may well be true but it would be odd for Disney to place any significant focus on the least successful Marvel Netflix show for their own streaming service. They really want to place this guy on the same level as actual Avengers who were in proper movies?