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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Finally finished this a few nights back. We binge watched the last three episodes back to back. I get a lot of the criticism, and from a production point of view the show’s by far the cheapest looking of the Netflix shows to date. But, overall, I still think that this show was better than both Jessica Jones and Luke Cafe.

I really like Danny - he’s a whiney brat, true, but that’s a portrayal I can get behind. It’s not my internal vision of Iron Fist, but it works for this show.

The Meachums continued to piss me off all the way through, although I warmed to the guy playing Ward by the end.

I think Claire’s inclusion was a huge misstep. It stretched credibility, and added nothing of consequence to the show. I wish they had played Bokuto less obviously villainous; and I’m still finding it hard to reconcile Madame Gao’s appearance here with her earlier Daredevil appearances.

Was she in The Hand previously? And The Hand are Japanese, not Chinese - would they really have let Gao into their upper echelons?

I am really glad there’s going to be another season. I think a more mature Danny (as per Defenders), and a less crazy shooting schedule, could make for a really good show.


No she wasn’t. She was part of a separate syndicate. The hand was represented by the Japanese guy who Daredevil fights and sets on fire.


Luke Cafe would have been a different show, entirely.


The Defenders shows that Gao is the Hand leader in charge of their Chinese territory. The Hand leaders all seem to have a stake in the US in addition to the parts of the globe they oversee alone.


All the ladies just love to get their coffee with Luke Cafe…



So, is anyone planning on watching S2? (I’m not.)


I’m going to give it a shot at least.


That would involve watching season 1 first, so probably not.


I haven’t yet but the people I know who have are all saying it’s a huge improvement over the first in every way.


As I understand it though, that wasn’t a very high bar to jump.


Already watched the first episode, will binge the rest after work.


No. I have no interest in any of the Marvel shows. I thought the Punisher would at least be interesting but in the first episode where he’s busting the brick wall with a sledgehammer all day I realized watching Marvel shows on Netflix feels like busting a brick wall with a sledgehammer all day.


I enjoyed Season 1 a lot - it wasn’t flawless, but there was a lot that I really did like. Very much looking forward to the new season.


Wasn’t that the opening to the Nick Fury thing that Hasselhoff did?


I’m up to episode 7. Definitely an improvement on the first season. The story starts off a bit on the slow side. But I was into it around episode 2-3. And the fight scenes are a lot better too. They have more pace to them, and just feel like there’re shot better.

A big problem is the fact that Finn Jones still isn’t an engaging lead. Part of me wishes that had made it Danni Rand. And cast the actress that plays Colleen in the role. She’s great during the fight scenes, and is a much better actor.


First episode was alright. Lots of Danny and Colleen relationship, which kind of worked in fleshing out the charactes, but didn’t make for very interesting screen time. But they definitely wanted to show us that they’d put more work into making the fights better, and they were.

It’s alright that they keep Ward and his sister around, I kind of liked them towards the end of S1, but they better do something more interesting with them than what they had to say this episode. And I like Davos. As is apparently the rule now with the Netflix Marvel series, I think I’m going to end up rooting for the villain.



Ffs they need to stop churning these fuckers out so quick man

I’m still on the defenders, I’ve then got the punisher, JJ2 and LC2

And only after than will I consider watching IF season 1 never mind the 2nd season


Just finished it… much better overall… also no lame-ass Claire and lots of Misty which is very much a plus…

The overall quality is much better, and so are the fights, though to be honest most of the fighting is done by Colleen and Davos… but whenever Finn Jones is up to bat, he does a more believable job.

The writting is a bit shaky, tbh, and even 10 episodes feel stretched, but 10 is definetly the right amount.

I’m not quite sure what to make of that ending… I mean, I’m not completely against, but it’s a bit weird… Oh and the very very end is REALLY puzzling, but promises a whole lot of good for next season… on the other hand, S1’s ending also promised a lot more… so… we’ll see.

I’ll wait for everyone to catch up before talking about those 2 last episodes 'cause i’m too lazy to put shit in spoilers :smile:

Oh btw, there’s a small post-credit teaser in the last episode… in case you guys didn’t know…


Punisher gets a lot better, pretty quickly. It’s probably worth another episode or two.