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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


True, but the bad reviews don’t seem to have effected the show’s popularity.


Maybe that’s because it’s actually not even that bad actually as a fact.


Netflix guard their viewing data pretty well, so I’m wondering how they worked it out.


The Methodology is linked to in the article, there’s a website that used to be able to crawl data from Netflix somehow, though apparently whatever exploit they used was closed off in the last few weeks.


It doesn’t surprise me they could get the data, every viewing (via a browser at least) resolves to a URL. It’s a rather abstract code I can see appear on mine but if you could figure out how that code resolves the number of visits could be got from web analytics.

I imagine like with a lot of these things there will be an ongoing battle between them figuring it out and Netflix closing the loophole or changing the methodology.


The show has been renewed, but is getting a new showrunner, as I guess Buck is busy on Inhumans:

Metzner was one of the screenwriters on Elektra, and wrote on Sleepy Hollow (but not during the season people liked).


That’s probably good news… Let’s hope he can get some mojo back in the Defenders, but I think it’s the same showrunner in that one no?


It’s the Daredevil season 2 showrunners doing Defenders, Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez.


ahh well, then good news all around… except for the poor poor Inhumans :smile:



Is it the obvious reason that he’s busy with another show. Or is it the other obvious reason that no one liked his take on Iron Fist




Yeah, that doesn’t bode well for season two of Iron Fist.

They should’ve done what they did for Daredevil and Defenders and gotten ex-Buffy-writers for this kind of show. Dave Greenwalt’s about to be free with Grimm ending (and Grimm, for all it’s failings, is a better show than Sleepy Hollow by a long shot), and I’m sure Tim Minear could make some room for this.


This has probably been said already, but this show should be Big Trouble in Little Marvel and instead it was just dull.


As soon as you wrote that, Tim Minear panicked and took another job: :slight_smile:

Parenthood and Six Feet Under alum Peter Krause has been tapped as the male lead opposite Angela Bassett in 9-1-1, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s upcoming drama series for Fox, which is set to premiere in midseason.

Additionally, longtime Murphy collaborator Tim Minear (Feud, American Horror Story), has joined the series as executive producer and showrunner, McG (Lethal Weapon) will direct the series premiere.


Finally started on this. On to episode 5. Really enjoying it. Finn’s Danny is not the Danny I was hoping for, but he’s cool, in a dorky, naive way. The Meachums alternate between annoying as hell, and strangely mesmerising. Coleen’s awesome; although I could have done without Claire. So far, whilst I prefer Daredevil, this is miles better than JJ or LC.

Oh, and the fight scenes? I’m not seeing the issue with them, to be honest. They’re not blow me away amazing (as I would have hoped for) but I haven’t seen any glaring issues with them either. They have been staged well, and are convincingly portrayed.


I’ve belatedly been watching this. I’m on episode 9. After being pleasantly surprised by Luke Cage, I’ve found Iron Fist to be pretty terrible. They keep throwing character flaws at Ward in the hopes of making him interesting and he never is. Danny is just a thoroughly unlikeable dick. I’ve never bought the “white saviour” cultural appropriation argument against Danny being white before, but it really comes across here, I think due to Finn’s performance, which is… crappy, and some really shitty dialogue.
It doesn’t feel like Gao’s position here marries up with Daredevil - she wasn’t part of the Hand in that, was she?. I found myself really objecting to the death of Harold’s assistant, for the sheer arbitrary fecklessness of it. It wasn’t shocking, it wasn’t powerful, it was just empty and vile.
I’m at the point of half-watching it while doing other stuff, just so I’m au fait with anything from it brought up in Defenders.


No she wasn’t.


Totally. Even when he’s trying to be humble he just sounds like a privileged snob.

Humility is what I think makes the Danny from the comics work so well (at least in the ones I’ve read). Not saying he’s never hot-headed but he recognizes he’s one small part of something much bigger than him. That was supposed to be true of the show’s interpretation of Danny but Finn Jones couldn’t pull it off.


I liked Danny at the beginning. By the end, he annoyed me to absolutely no end. Colleen and Claire were the reasons I kept going.