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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


‘Iron Fist’ superhero Finn Jones sings ‘I need a hero’


I should mention that Mercedes have the same status in Germany as they do everywhere, it’s just that for some reason there’s also this tradition that taxis are Mercedes. I am sure there is some kind of deal in place.


No. You’re all just posh and fancy la-de-da Mercedes people who probably only drink Meachum-worthy Johnnie Walker Black label “whiskey.”


I’m pretty sure London cabs cost as much or more than Mercs.


For a purpose build cab? Yes, it looks that way.

A London Taxi Company cab is about £45k and the Mercedes equivalent is around the same, depending on which model you get.

They’re specialised vehicles so they cost a specialised price.


So, I finished this.

Liked the second half better than the first; Sacha Dhawan added a lot to the show, as did Ramon Rodriguez - both actors have some charisma, which all of the leads are sorely lacking (well, except for Wendham). Ward also became more watchable the less of a dick he became. And with the whole Bakuto storyline, there finally was some stuff happening.

I could’ve done without the cliffhanger ending, I have to say. What, can’t any of these shows go out on a high note for once?

Anyway: Not as bad as I first thought, still not a great show. But if they want me watch a second season, they’d better make some changes.


There’s probably a lesson here about inadvertently promoting stuff you don’t want to promote, or something.


Those aren’t “Netflix” numbers. Netflix still doesn’t release them. 7Park has their own sample set of Netflix subscribers that they poll to produce their numbers.


Thanks Hank - it does say as much in the article too.


Neither the Newsarama or Variety article talk about the methodology of 7Park. They just talk about how they have numbers “for Netflix.”

Parrot Analytics also have their own Netflix whispering gig going on and give Iron Fist big numbers.



… I…



Why didn’t they save this guy for Shang Chi?!


Because he wasn’t that good. :wink:


Almost couldn’t decide whether to post this here or in my “Superhero design discussion thread”:


Yeah, people made a big deal about him but when he finally showed up I couldn’t figure out why. His fighting was decent enough but he wasn’t a good actor and his Australian accent was incredibly distracting.


Fucking Australians!


Isn’t that just the same as saying “Australians!”?


Some have said that martial arts battles are like dancing and your only as good as your partner. So I can understand a little of why he might not be that great but it seems like a lot of people oversold his role.

I also finished out the series over the weekend. I’ll try to leave my thoughts when I get the chance for a longer post.


The Magicians just had a dragon in it.

<cough cough and It’s only a SyFy show cough cough>


I’ll have to catch up later.

Why aren’t more people here watching The Magicians? It even has someone with magic fists. Admittedly, he’s no Finn Jones. But still – fists of fury AND now a dragon! Boys might find the kissy scenes boring but I like them.