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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Word Spy’s word of the week from May 23rd last year is relevant to something we were discussing in this thread a few days back


Haha, I’ve never heard that before. That’s great.


the origin of the term is quoted there, and for full disclosure, it’s the comments section of a SF blog I read.


Just want to say that I always enjoy reading your opinions even when I vehemently disagree with them. :slight_smile:


Is that what it’s called? I’ve been calling it the “Anti-Miles Morales Principle”

Thanks, haha. Same to you, I was more or less just trying to play along with the previous energy of the reponse :wink:


Johnnie Walker


And tbh I don’t really disagree with you on this subject. I don’t think Disney is or should be known for laziness, but Iron Fist felt very lazy. The same could be true of the Beauty and the Beast remake–I can say for sure that it doesn’t look interesting to me, aside from a few of the designs.



It is a grievous sin to know the correct spelling of Johnnie Walker. No one should spend that close to a bottle.


That was in one of the episodes I watched last night. I thought the same thing and out of an airplane bottle no less. Even if they didn’t have the budget for something nice, they could have used Jim Beam or just called it Scotch.


It’s probably telling that at least three of this flagged this as a noteworthy problem…


I think it says we have good taste in whiskey. :wink:


To be fair, I’ve also noted that the Marvel Netflix universe is also the only place where millionaires/billionaires drive Hyundais. :wink:

This is so prominent that Danny’s Aston Martin DB11 looks out of place. :wink:

Edit: It looks like my suspicions were correct. There’s a placement deal.


I was hoping they were just taking the piss.


Johnnie Walker Black Label tastes very nice, but it gave me terrible hangovers two Christmas’s in a row, so I avoid it now.

Pity really…


In my defense I was posting from my phone and it autocorrected for some reason without me noticing. The bottle of Blue Label that was sitting on my bar not 5 feet away at the time can testify that I know the correct spelling.


I can believe a bottle of whiskey is never too far from you at any time of the day. :wink:


And Tim has had a cup holder fitted.


No… I… Yeah, you got me there.


I noticed that in Jessica Jones where the super-rich Carrie Anne Moss character drove one if I recall correctly.

I wondered if they had different status in the US as it’s generally a cheap brand here (kinda like how taxis are Mercedes in Germany).

(With these deals, I guess part of it is that the cars always need to be made to look good - this does often result in them being super clean and polished, with perfectly clear windows, even when that’s completely unlikely in story terms.)


Hyundai is not a luxury brand here. Though they used a car from their Genesis line which is slightly more upmarket.