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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


I’ve loved the Marvel shows thus far. I’m hoping for another good one here.

I can’t tell if this is a compliment or not though.


It seems I’ve been fretting about nothing. I’m looking forward to watching Iron Fist even more now. I’m so pleased to hear the comparison to Green Lantern. I thought Nathan Fillion was pretty great as Hal Jordan.


Daffy Duck was the best:


I love Daffy Duck. He’s the best.

See! I’m right, and Gar is super-smart. Smareth even.

Iron Fist is going to be awesome.


Interesting theory. We’ve talked a bit in the past about how the ‘white billionaire’ superhero model might be finding itself falling out of favour at the moment.

(Although I can’t believe that the connection would be anywhere near strong enough to doom the show in the way that the story suggests.)


Blaming your crappy reviews on someone who has nothing to do with you is a very Trump thing to do.


It is.

I’m still going to watch this show and will probably still like it unless it’s SUPER -SUPER-shit - just warning you guys in advance.


I get it, I avoided the Jake Gyllenhall movie ‘Demolition’ because it came out when austerity was really biting and it just looked like a rich, self-obsessed man destroying a lot of nice stuff because he was too emotionally constipated to process his grief in a less selfish and wasteful way.

My reactions was, to put it bluntly, give the stuff away you selfish prick!


Demolition is actually great


Great for selfish pricks!


I’m not surprised but I also don’t care. Like I literally don’t care about his problems. I just watch the trailer and think he’s an asshole.

Whether people are reacting to billionaire crime fighters the same way is another matter of course.


I mean. there’s all possibility that the show might be good.
But so many articles I’ve seen defending it against the bad reviews are really going for cheap shots.
One I saw had the headline that “Large Percentage of Negative Reviews coming from White Males” or something or such.
It’s ridiculous.

Could it be good? Yes.

But, sometimes your shit stinks. And it’s not like Luke Cage or Jessica Jones was rosy fresh.

I hope it’s good, a friend of mine is a huge fan and all of the news from the showrunners has been devastating.


That’s not really fair - the movie is about the redemption of the spoiled life, not a celebration of it. It paints wealth as an emotional disability.

It’s probably true that it came at the wrong time and was marketed poorly - I don’t know - I discovered the film almost two years after the fact - but I didn’t think we were in the habit of judging books by covers and films by trailers here.


I always felt it’s more about how humanity needs to move away from our nasty, brutish past, but we can’t abandon it completely. Because the next time a Wesley Snipes gets thawed out, we can’t expect Sylvester Stallone to handily also be on ice that we can thaw him out to save us.


No that’s…

Yeah okay. Good point


I’ve never even heard of it, it was just a joke. I’m a top joker as well as smart.


The movie is actually about how Ill-equipped extremely wealthy people are to deal with emotions because they have a permanent parachute for any problem.

It’s actually about how having wealth detaches you from the human state.

It’s actually about these things, Smareth. Actually.


In exactly the same way, Danny Rand may be the CEO billionaire of Rand Corp multinational.

BUT. He’s ALSO THE Iron Fist.



Can’t help but wonder if they’ll address:


Shou-Lao you can’t be serious.