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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


I didnt know any of this. Fair play.



I finally finished it.

Well, this is the last time I watch a season of a TV show for completionist’s sake. I should’ve just done what @steveuk said and read a wikipedia summary in a few months’ time. I’m okay with maybe missing a few emotional beats now.

I think the negative response to the show is warranted. Maybe not 10% Rotten Tomatoes or whatever it is, but definitely below 50 (honestly, below 40 even). It is significantly worse than Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. Aside from a few pretty good performances–and those characters (Colleen, Ward, Harold, Davos) were wasted anyway–I can’t think of anything I liked about it. It felt crapped out, low effort, little imagination. Dull.


Eh, I think you’re being far too kind. 76 isn’t so old that he’s (necessarily) lost his faculties or doesn’t know better, especially these days. And yeah, geography is important: in the U.S. the term oriental is a very clear, very definite no-no these days; my memory of growing up in the U.K. is that it’s hardly PC there, but not quite as harsh.

Maybe he is completely oblivious to that fact, but maybe he chooses to ignore that fact because it was ok to say it in his day? I don’t know, but I think it’s fair to hold him responsible for his language.

Edit to add: I tried watching Iron Fist (the Bru/Fraction run is one of my favorite comics of all time), but like @steveuk I just gave up. Of all the issues the show has, I think the biggest is Finn Jones – he doesn’t seem to have any charm or charisma imo. As someone said, maybe he’ll fit in better in an ensemble show like Defenders, but he was the wrong choice to carry a whole series.


See my deliberate use of ‘siblings’ to accurately cover all stages of transition. :smile:


The training is probably less of an issue than taking time to work on choreography while filming is. The latter I can understand… but paying for one actor and his personal martial arts trainer, that costs nothing, relatively speaking.

And it’s not really understandable. Three weeks of training, and presumably no great martial arts experience before that? Well, that was a mistake.

They should’ve put the show together three months later and given the guy time to get ready. Or gotten someone who’s a martial artist in the first place.

It seems like IF’s biggest problem may be that it had to fit into Marvel’s schedule, with the other shows and Defenders, and the people producing it didn’t have the time to make it work properly.


I think you’re probably right, and that it was a rush-job.

I wasn’t expecting Defenders until next year, and Iron Fist until later this year, until Iearned that both had to be out before the end of 2017 as per the contract.

I also think it just bit the bullet on the budget - my guess is they had a set budget for all 5 shows, and they new how much money they had already spent on the first two, and would likely spend on Defenders, so Iron Fist took the cut - which is unfortunate because it probably needed a little bit of a cash injection to realise it’s ambition, more-so then Luke Cage or Jessica Jones.


Started a reread of Iron Fist (the Epic collection) and there is a big contrast with the TV series in the first couple of issues.

@sammm When Danny enters the Rand-Meachum Tower, he is in full vengeance mode and looking for Harold, who he knows kill his father and left his mother and himself to die.

The building is full of traps and assasins waiting for Iron Fist, which is a pretty huge contrast to the “I just want to talk” in the tv series. (It could have been almost a Raid like thing…)

Oh, and found this @TMasters :wink:




I think even with 3 months training Finn Jones would still have been a charmless actor. He’s just got no spark to him, unlike Charlie Cox for example who’s great on screen. It was just a bad choice for the lead actor.


Well, yeah. But at least maybe his kung fu would’ve been better.

Um, for the record, I don’t think he’s that terrible. There were moments during which I could see him as Danny Rand, and while he got too much stuff wrong, I think he could’ve gotten it right with better/more direction and, yeah, more time during the shoots.


…still one of my go-to cheer up GIFs


Season 2 episode 2… the full body pan. (I can canpt be the only one caught by that moment.)


Well one thing is for certain: You do get the impression that they skimped on the budget for IF and sort of “rushed it out” because of the impending Defenders… So let’s hope that they deliver with that one, at least.


Has there been a show runner or main writer attached to Defenders yet?



Scott Gimple and it’s to be written by Finn Jones.

(Nah, just jokes - it’s the same guys that did Daredevil season 2).


Without a doubt Iron Fist’s biggest sin is calling Johnny Walker Black Label bourbon.


Yeah - you’re not alone on that.

The show spent half the season establishing that the Meachums loved bourbon so I was pretty interested to see what they would use as product placement.

I don’t think a billionaire would be drinking Walker Black let alone call it bourbon.


A million times this. It’s infuriating. Medium limitations don’t apply like they used to - albums don’t need to be a maximum of 74 minutes because that’s what CDs hold, and TV shows don’t need to be 13 x 22-minute episodes.

That lower episode count is what made Stranger Things so great; I can’t think of another show with so little (if any) filler.

Ok, that makes me a bit more keen to return to it - I bailed after E2 because it was such a drop in quality and pace. I’ve still been recording it.

It’s true. Though for what it’s worth there was a 2 storey tall Iron Fist poster at the entrance to my work train station, and his symbol/insignia on the extra wide entrance/exit stairs. Just think back twenty years, the very idea of that much money and effort being spent on Iron Fist, of all properties.


It’s brilliant - the first few episodes are a bit confusing because it takes a while to sort of explain it’s tone and mission, but once it gets going it’s such a great show. One million points.