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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


As with a lot of the more difficult to explain elements of the Marvel series (like the adherence to the number of episodes), I can only assume that it stems from the original contract for the Netflix series, and neither side wants to alter those elements at this point.

It will be interesting to see whether Defenders benefits from the shorter length, both in terms of story and budget per episode.


Exactly! That’s blown my mind. if they can dump that much money onto a show with a reasonably limited field of interest, yet clearly skimp across the board on another, what the hell is going on… even one of those episodes budget would raise the quality of Iron Fist considerably.


I don’t really get that. All of the Netflix original shows I see are launched the same day and time across all regions. It’s their product and they have the distribution method.


Exclusive international IP rights is probably a better term than international distribution. It was something cited in some of the articles I read.

However, Deadline has learned that given the way the deal is constructed, Netflix is paying more like $16M per episode — inclusive in the total is worldwide rights to the IP, and factored into that are the premiums that Netflix paid to acquire those rights exclusively.

Evidently, they were originally in a bidding war with FX.


I look at Legion on FX. It’s only 8 episodes and has been great. I can’t see that series working at all if it were stretched to 13 episodes.


If I’m honest, I just can’t fathom it unless Luhrmann is getting paid 12 million an episode. I saw no real promotion for The Get Down either, I can’t even remember any of the cast being interviewed never mind a promotional campaign.

Even the music licencing couldn’t warrant that price tag.

Where that 192 million has gone is the biggest conundrum of our age.

Unless the second half is set on Pandora.


In all honesty, the audience for The Get Down is probably bigger than for the Marvel shows. Especially for increasing subscriber numbers and repeat views, which are huge metrics for Netflix.


Yeah, but 16 times bigger??


Quite possibly. I can’t find the article right now, but apparently a big part of them doing The Get Down was to try and make the service more attractive to black audiences in the US.

But Netflix definitely work on a different method to determine what they’re willing to spend on a show and how they decide to renew them as well. Sense8 costs 9 million per episode, and when it was renewed various Netflix execs cited how many people had watched the first series multiple times. If someone’s willing to watch a show again and again, then they’re willing to keep paying their subscription.


I got confused for a moment and thought Baz Luhrmann was doing season 2 of Iron Fist and, I won’t lie, I was very excited by the idea.


It is a very different sensibility, we are used to ranking as many eyes on as possible but the aim with HBO and Netflix is not the same.

It’s subscriptions. I remember when Sky started in the UK with subscription sports, they didn’t initially have football or the most rated stuff, they had cricket and rugby league, starved of much focus on network TV they signed up basically every fan in the country who could afford it.

Not great ratings but great enrollment.


Maybe I’m pulling a stereotype out of my duodenum, but it seems to me the best way to get a super-person to fail is cast a guy with curly hair.


I haven’t managed to watch Sense8 yet (I keep meaning to make time but I barely seem to have any) so I don’t know if that 9M shows but part of me feels that the producers they (Netflix) have enlisted basically ‘saw them coming.’ Maybe they are paying over the odds for certain talent or companies to get a particular foothold, but those are insane numbers in my eyes.

Perspective - Moonlight, a near two hour movie cost just 1.5M.

And while I realize The Get Down is a period piece and probably uses a fair amount of CGI, Netflix have to be paying over the odds in a bunch of places. Does Sense8 look like a 9M an episode show?


It’s filmed on location in Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico City, Mumbai, Berlin, London, Reykjavik, Seoul, and Nairobi. With the principal cast and crew moving between each city to shoot their scenes. Some members of the production crew flew around the world twice during the filming of series 1.


Probably, it’s a very subjective measure (it has a very global setting and cast). A fair few special effects too.

A lot of cash can be eaten up by the players, Baz Luhrman and the Warchowski siblings are big names. A Marvel Avengers type film now likely eats up $100m before cameras roll on salaries.

Next time you do Moonlight the production has Oscar winners, it won’t be $1.5m, it may be $10.5m.


It’s worth noting that a lot of the cast in Sense8 are names in their respective nations as well. A mix of TV and movie actors and musicians, if you look them up on Wiki they all have a long list of roles, and many of them have international recognition - especially the Bollywood actors.


I can understand the figure a bit better for sense8 now, I suppose one thing the like of GOT has managed is to get location shots and studio costs down considerably using the EU including my own country. Something Brexit has really fucked up for us here in Northern Ireland.

I guess that the warchowski bros as producers definitely eat up the cash to an extent but perhaps they are using crew used to movie wages too, instead of talent in that area coming from TV mediums. Same from Luhrmann maybe. Which to me is bad business from Netflix but I suppose they just want quality and are willing to say “take my money,” whatever the cost.

A lot of what it takes to make something look expensive is good colour correction (Top Gear and The Grand Tour are currently having a colour correction war) so I honestly think Netflix are being conned a bit by a couple of shows that look super expensive but cost buttons elsewhere. I’m not saying either of those two shows have scrimped at all, but I do think those figures are insanity for a show like The Get Down.


Sisters now.


Wow, that escalated quickly :wink:


To be fair, Lilly (formerly Larry) had to come out as trans earlier than she planned because a tabloid planned to out her. She wound up sitting out working on series 2 of Sense8 as a result, the producer credits on the show are for Lana and JMS