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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


I really like a lot of Netflix’s original content though. Stranger Things is probably one of my favorites of all time. I’d say the same about The Get Down. I would think just going the route of those shows and having fewer episodes but spend the same money would fix a world of problems. I don’t remember the numbers but supposedly The Get Down was quite expensive and only had a handful of episodes.


First off, what I’m about to say isn’t sexist, we all, I hope, are clear that many (not all) men and women have different sensibilities on how they are entertained, that doesn’t mean they are unequal in any way.

Now that’s over with, I got a massive sense of trying to ape the style and feeling of many of the recent shows my ex would love that I found incredibly boring. The show has the elements of human interest, outside romance, such as family and trust/betrayal and what I would call ‘courtroom drama ethics’ without the courtroom. The writing and acting, especially in the early shows, is identikit for these types of shows and the actress who plays Joy is clearly hand picked straight out of that style of TV like 90210.

So it seems to me that they wanted to incorporate that style of show to up the quota of women watching those Netflix marvel shows. If you look at it in that way then you can understand the narrative differences alot more.

Also, although like Luke Cage there there was some weak writing, there was elements of strong writing from time to time… one of which I thought was fantastic foreshadowing - the difference between Danny and Colleen’s style and Danny telling her that hers was based on aggression and advising her to change directly foreshadows her being in the hand and what is to come between them, plot wise with Danny helping her realize the Hand is ‘wrong.’ It’s a real pity that idiots called this out as racist (while being racist in their view of Colleen), because it’s a fantastic wee scene that mirrors elements to come.


Maybe. But that’'s not a justification for the dialogues and characters not working properly.


It explains (but doesn’t excuse) the fights. That’s about all.


According to Finn he only had 3 weeks of martial arts training and the schedule was so tight that he had no time for additional training and was learning the choreography for the fights minutes before shooting them. I think that explains the fights.


I wonder how that compares to the training that Charlie Cox did for Daredevil.


Training and prep cost money. :wink:


Is Oriental a racist term?

I never knew this. Not a word I’d ever use as it never comes to mind, but I didn’t realise it was on the naughty list.


I think it depends on the context. When I went to the supermarket tonight there was a large sign with the word on it hanging over the aisle where I bought a jar of Thai curry. I don’t think it’s inherently offensive.


My wife is ethnic Chinese, she doesn’t give a toss if it’s used. In truth I think she likes it when it seems to allude to her being exotic. :smile: I even saw her best mate from school on Facebook the other day use ‘chinky’ to describe a mainland Chinese guy in a news story, her surname is Chew and she’s 100% Chinese. *

It was not a case of reclaiming the term like rappers using ‘nigga’ or gay activists using ‘queer’, it’s just never been in either of their contexts terms of offence.

Like most of these language issues they depend a lot on the context of your surroundings and history. To defend Ronnie’s argument Thomas is from the US and raised in the same context he is (and admits he knows it is the wrong term when he says it).

*In UK context ‘oriental’ generally would be fine, ‘chinky’ definitely not.


Jessica Henwick’s response on Twitter was was, “Oriental is a term to describe rugs, not people.” I’ve seen similar sentiment before. Like Gar said, there is likely some geographical context.

I suspect the derogatory context is linked to orientalism.


Thanks guys.

The term ‘chinky’ was used a lot for Chinese food when I was growing up and probably mostly disappeared at some point in the late 90s as being an acceptable term.
Nowadays if I ever hear it it’s like a shock to the system and I’d never use it myself - it just seems massively distasteful if nothing else.

Oriental I’ve never known to be a derogatory term, but then I never hear it used either.

I feel a bit sorry for Roy Thomas, these older generations had a different upbringing and probably don’t spend the amount of time online that younger generations do, to learn what is acceptable and what is not. Taking it in the context of the quote it sounds a bit to me like he was caught on the hop and did not mean any harm by it.

I’m more likely to stick up for older folk and give them the benefit of the doubt though, it breaks my heart to hear that he’s getting a load of abuse over this when he probably didn’t really fully realise he was doing anything wrong.


I think Jessica Henwick could have just let this slide rather than further fuel the fire against a 76 year old man though - she’s probably getting paid more to act in that series than he did for creating the character.


I would assume since Daredevil wore a mask in almost every major action sequences Cox probably did far less of the fights.


If that’s all it takes, they should put a mask on Danny. :wink:


I think a lot of series would benefit from a lower episode count and higher budget per episode. It would probably help the story a lot, too.


It looks like The Get Down was $16M per episode to make. The first half of the first season (6 episodes) came out last August and the second half will air this year.

The Get Down is really great especially if you like early hip-hop a la Hip-Hop Family Tree.


Stranger Things worked for me on that measure, it was pretty short though.

It would have been nice if they had fed into the feedback from so many that their Marvel shows are great in intention but almost all too long and slow. They have no commercial need to make them 13 episodes.

House of Cards 1-3 basically stretched the same plot of the 1990s BBC show over 4 times as many hours. It’s not unfair there was room there to expand but not that much.


That is a ridiculous number. Netflix must have wayyy more cash than they know what to do with.


Part of that was supposedly for international distribution and Baz Luhrmann’s fees but it shows they’re willing to pay for content and makes me wonder what the fuck is going on with the Marvel stuff.