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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Shit work or… training?


Fair play, man, fair play.


On the top of the “kung fu” and action.
That Power Rangers stream, in the later seasons when they started relying less of the Japanese footage…got pretty well choreographed.


Oh that’s a definite yes compared to the network shows (in general), not necessarily the case for premium channel shows… and well, honestly, yeah it’s better than any of the CW offerings, or AoS. Buuut, that’s me…


Unless I was watching an actual romance, I wouldn’t expect to have any idea what the orientation of a character was. Because how can being gay possibly be inferred from how you do your job as a P.I. or lawyer or soldier (or whatever the story is about)?


I dunno, I think any good P.I. story regardless of sexual orientation should have a bit of the nudge-nudge


Because the voiceover will change from “she was a dame with the curves in all the right places” to “Nice dress, but I prefer men”


Stories often do have a romance sub plot, but how many of them actually need to?

Was Poirot gay? Haven’t a clue, there’s no evidence either way because giving him a romantic partner was simply not important to the stories.


Finally, Lorcan and I agree.

That’s a detective story, but a PI story is more seedy./


Hey, we agree all the time. It’s just the times where your opinion lines up with the correct one.


No but there are stories where he expresses his attraction towards women.

EDIT: Is it important that John Watson married a woman? Why did Doyle feel the need to include that in his stories? Would the story have change significantly if it was another man instead of a woman that Watson was attracted to?


In that case the story would have changed, because for a start he would have been arrested if he tried to marry a man. So it’s not really a good example :wink:

But my point would be that up until Watson married, he might have been gay. We don’t know, and nor should we care, because it has no bearing on his activity as a companion to a detective.



That’s why I said “another man instead of a woman that Watson was attracted to” rather than married.

Yet the fact that he’s straight is included and no one complains about it. Poirot’s attraction to women is included in several stories and no one complains about that either. Details that have no bear on a mystery or the direct activities in a story are often included in the story because they tell us about the person or add flavor to the world.


Well I suspect Sherlock wouldn’t have been happy it wasn’t him.





:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

We seen but we did not observe!




P.I. - estranged daughter of dead husband comes to him looking to learn the trade

Lawyer - has lunch with husband between court cases

Soldier - reads a letter from boyfriend at home

I don’t know, stuff like that.


Gonna just leave this page here


I was in the comic shop yesterday. Regardless of opinions about the show, the best thing is that they’d got in extra copies of various Iron Fist omnibuses prior to the show airing and I noticed that they’re all gone now.


I’m liking IF so far (at ep 4) and I apologize if this has been brought before ( I skipped over a couple of longer posts) but I would not attribute doom and gloom to Marvel Netflix overall because of IF. This might be a sign of “we really want to do the Defenders but we have to do IF first, so lets slap together something quick so we can get it over with so we can show Defenders.”