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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


There was a point upthread about these shows now being overly popular and maybe not worth Netflix time - I’m paraphrasing and I’m feelingtoo lazy to scroll back and see who said what - but these last weeks I’ve heard from a lot of people; colleagues, my wife’s friends, my own friends and even my mates mother, talking about both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, in particular offering them as recommendations where people have been looking for something to watch.

Anecdotally, this makes me think there might be a bigger audience out there consuming this stuff than we are aware of.

I hope that if Iron Fist does turn out to be poor, that it is treated as standalone and doesn’t create a backlash against the rest of the marvel Netflix shows (I’m starting to see a slight change in the tide of opinion towards the negative just in the last few days - which could just be my perception and nothing more).
But it’s a depressing time we live in where a lot of stuff is written off wholesale thanks to the quick sharing and spreading of this stuff online.


We live in a world where there’s more options than ever before. So time is managed and scheduled. If you can only watch 3 shows a week you’ll need help navigating which ones to watch.

To be fair the critics have been darlings to the Netflix shows so far and have only helped them so the opposite has helped too. Stuff is built up based on quick sharing and spreading stuff online.


I have no Netflix, and any desire for it is decreasing.


I’m barely aware of the character, so if the show works for me it’ll do it on it’s own terms.

My chief worry, based on the previous shows, is pacing. As much as I liked a lot of the previous shows, the “treading water” really irritated me.

I can stand some dodgy plotting, dodgy acting or dodgy production values but I’m watching to be entertained. Don’t waste my time. Or I’ll find another show.


Netflix doesn’t share it’s ratings data (unless that has changed when my back was turned… that happens). That alone makes the success/failure of its shows speculative. I bet it also reduces critical impact as well because it’s all there, waiting to get you when you’re tired and your guard is down. I’ve “hate binged” shows, and since there is no emotional Nielson meter, it’s just another set of views.


One show makes no difference to Netflix. They have no advertisers - they simply want to keep subscriptions going and expand to new markets. Marvel were the best way to get there simply from the fanbase the movies created. It’s a shame though that the TV shows couldn’t be a little more Guardians as I think that’s what the mainstream Marvel fans want. I can’t imagine many beyond comics geeks wanting to watch 13 hours of Iron Fist.

Netflix are going to lose their access to the studio movies and the good TV shows soon. So they’ll have to adapt, like they did when they changed from mailing DVD’s to streaming. Essentially they need to become HBO. I think they can get there. They don’t have alot of great shows though. They have some that people love and talk about, but I think they need a few more major hits if they’re to survive. It’s good to see them moving into original movies.


It’s much more efficient to skip straight ahead to active dislike. That’s what I’m doing.

I enjoyed DD S1 for the most part though it was definitely a few episodes too long. The same applied to JJ S1 but that seemed to get even better reviews than DD, especially from non-comics fans and a female audience (having tapped into “woke” culture). I was keen on DD S2 because it looked like a great casting for Punisher, but the initial reaction put me off. I had no interest in Luke Cage and heard that it started well and had a good soundtrack but really lost momentum. I don’t like that actor either, so if I can avoid seeing him I’m happier.

Iron Fist looks like a pass too.


I think there’s a fair argument they already produce as many ‘must watch’ shows as HBO.


Band of Brothers
Game of Thrones
The Wire
True Detective (series 1)
Silicon Valley

All I think best anything Netflix have made. I think Netflix will get there but it’ll take a few more years.


Historically you are right but I was just thinking of current output and justifying a subscription. HBO only has 3 of those running. Band of Brothers came out 16 years ago.




True. Other than Game of Thrones and Westwood, I can’t see many HBO series really driving new subscriptions as strongly as the Netflix Marvel series have.


I agree with you on most of that, but House of Cards and season 1 of Orange is The New Black come very close, if not exceed some of those.

Personal opinion, obvies.


HBO have got some bad programming going on right now. I think there’s much more demand for talent and it’s hurting them.

It’s a great time to be in the TV game.


Going to binge on The Wire, maybe as soon as next month - before ramp-up to GoT (my latest obsession) season 7.


Yeah, this is my perspective on it all. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed Marvel’s Netflix shows. I’ve never been much of an Iron Fist fan from the comics, but if Marvel movies can make Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy interesting, surely they can do the same thing here.


Christel and I talked about getting Netflix but I’m not sure we will anytime soon. We already have enough on our viewing plate and I’m not sure we really have the time to add more shows.



If you are a dedicated TV watcher, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu all have good shows to offer. As far as movies… none of them are really worth it.

At the same time, I’d pick them over HBO, Showtime or Starz.


I got a preview of the first 6 episodes. Dear lord this is awesome, the reviewers must be trolls.

I have to put up with some fellow mods that are so DC partisan it’s shocking, the fact that this is nearly as good as Green Lantern should have them eating their words.