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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!


Nah, that would look goofier than the capris and slippers.


Awkward love scene in episode 7… which says something.


She mentions a couple of times that she knows people with special powers - that’s it.

Presumably she brings them all together in Defenders though.


Yeah - this feels true.

The fight choreography isn’t up to scratch for a show about super powered martial artists.

There are some interesting fights - but some shit ones too. I suppose there’s some logic to it given the show makes great plains to demonstrate there is further potential for Danny to unlock - but the fight scenes still should have been momentous.


This is the costume we’ll see him in in the Defenders series:

Also, by the end of that series it looks like we will see The Yellow mask so it wouldn’t surprise me if we do eventually see a version of the Brubaker costume - which is basically just him shirtless in mask and pants.



Is it a spoiler to say I really loved that scene?


Yup; as I said I don’t buy that as an excuse. K’un L’un - and becoming the Iron Fist - isn’t that simple.

Danny’s urban social naïveté is one thing; his daft approach to things is another and, to be honest, reflects the quality of the general writing as much as anything about him as a character.

It also ignores the fact that Danny apparently made his own way back from K’un L’un to New York, fighting along the way. He’s not fresh back into the world the first time we see him, and yet the show tries to have it both ways. Clumsy writing.



What’s the point in saying there are ethnic villains?

It’s not like there aren’t major white villains.


I finished it on Saturday, it was ok, but nothing more than that, with some problems in structure, script and direction.

Spoilers for the whole series:

  • The fantasy aspect was held back a bit too much… sometimes due to budget restrictions.
  • Some of the changes from the original comics were interesting, and some were clearly to simplify the story, like making Ward Joy’s brother instead of uncle, and Davos being Danny’s friend instead of Davos. Wendell Rand’s story was really simplified (which is a complicated mess).
  • Some… peculiar use of characters from the comics. We had Scythe from the Marvel Premiere issues (was always a nobody), Bride of Nine Spiders reduced to henchmen level and Zhou Cheng (the anti Iron Fist from the second half of Immortal Iron Fist) reworked as the Sworn Defender of the Hand. His drunk fight was fun, and the whole “Keep the dragon sleeping” was an interesting hint at him hosting Ch’i-Lin.
  • Speaking of that, that the Order of K’un L’un that trained Danny was called “of the Crane Mother” kept bothering me every time it was mentioned. :wink:
  • The mixing of the Hand mythos with the Fist mythos was interesting, in the comics they had barely crossed (there was that miniseries of IF & Wolverine vs the Hand, and Danny being in Shadowland).
  • Speaking of Shadowland, seems the creative teams behind the Netflix series had read it or something. They used Bakuto as a leader of the Hand, a character that appeared in only three issues leading to that story during Diggle’s run in Daredevil. Edit: Oh, and Colleen being connected to the Hand also comes from that event, which revealed her mother used to lead a special all women hit squad called The Nail.
  • Danny was naive in the evil western ways, he was easily manipulated and, as I told to a friend, I expected that if he received an email from a Nigerian Prince, he would actually believe it and try to help him.
  • I chuckled at Harold saying that he swears on his children’s life about not meeting with Danny, and he barges in.
  • Part of me was hoping Harold was shown being revived as he was being cremated… in part to be sure that no one switched the body or stuff like that.


I had a lot of these thoughts too.

I don’t mind changing the mythos a bit or switching Ward around - and I liked the Zhou Cheng bit, but was less enthused about BONS as a Hand asset.

I’d initially thought Gao would turn out to be Crane Mother as that seems be what was alluded to in Daredevil.

It seems a bit like they’re making it up as they go along - but Shadowland is a clear influence for Defenders.


Episode 1 & 2

I’m two episodes in and actually really enjoying it.

I get the feeling at the beginning that we were supposed to wonder if he really was crazy or not. I can’t imagine a general audience even one unfamiliar with Iron Fist’s origin would go for that though as they are now familiar with the superhero origin. It’s clear that the budget isn’t great and anything K’un L’un related is sparse at best. From reading reviews upthread, that is probably what the series could use the most.

Danny’s naivety initially bugged me until I realized that he actually reminded me of someone, Missionary’s Kids (MK’s). I went to a private Christian university for two years and knew quite a few fellow students who had grown up somewhat sheltered in other countries with American parents. Generally, an accent will tell you that someone would have a slightly different set of references for things and your brain adjusts around it. MK’s have perfect American accents due to their parents but have none of the cultural references that so many idioms and other things in general conversation are built from. So while being incredibly bright and actually quite responsible adults, they appear to be less intelligent and somewhat immature.

Thus far, the soundtrack sounds a bit like that of Tron Legacy with the serial numbers scratched off. It’s not bad but has a really strong association in my mind.

I like the visual language they are using for the transitions to flashbacks/neurotic episodes even if I do wish the K’un L’un scenes were better.

I like that the fights look effortless for him. It seems more in line with a style of martial arts (possibly Shaolin kung fu?) that uses the opponents’ mass and movement against them and only uses strikes when necessary. I’ll be curious how this develops especially after regaining the ability to summon the fist.

I kind of like that they are setting the Iron Fist as the natural enemy of the Hand. Has this been done in the comics before or is it something new?

I’m interested and curious to see where it goes. It does look like a bit larger budget would have went a long way for the origin scenes. I would normally be hopeful of more in further episodes but it sounds like those hopes would be in vain.


I was wondering about that. Danny’s been gone for fifteen years. If the music is meant to be referencing an era it would be the early 2000’s not the 1980’s?


Tron Legacy came out in 2010. I guess I should have specified the score and not the soundtrack though.

The main song on Danny’s iPod in the episodes that I’ve watched is from 2000.


Not really, I got the point you were making, it’s the wrong period either way.


I didn’t see the connection between the score and time period. If there was supposed to be one maybe they were trying to evoke earlier Daft Punk with some layering of their later score work.


I can’t imagine any reason to go synth if it’s not about being a bit retro? That was why Daft Punk did ‘Tron Legacy’ (brilliantly in fact).

The music is fine, but it does stand out a bit.


I actually really liked Tron Legacy (not in small part due to the soundtrack and actual appearance by Daft Punk) and was disappointed that the planned sequel never happened.


I like a lot of it, but it’s misjudged in places and never really pays off its emotional themes, despite having all the ingredients.

Of the near misses in the last decade it’s better than most though.