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The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!





Now hold off on the thorny feet crushing there for a wee while longer.

Can I at least watch the last 2 episodes of Iron Fist first?


Do you think this is true of other genres or do you feel that superhero audiences engage with criticism with differently?


I agree. They definitely did their job. I want to know more about his corner of the world. I am disappointed in Joy though, but that’s a quibble at best.


So far (just starting episode six) I think he’s one of the weakest actors in it. Does he improve?

EDIT: no wait, I’m mixing up him and Ward. D’oh.

WARD actor is weak.


I think it’s true of the bigger franchises, the Star Wars and Pixars and all that. I don’t think it’s true of like “Fences.” It’s just a different thing, it’s a numbers game, the clickthrough potential is too high to risk blowing by swimming against the pre-release buzz.

At least that’s how I see it. I’m not trying to pass this off as fact.


Very much so.

Also: David Wenham! Slaps forehead. Of course! How the hell did I not realise that was Faramir? I sort of recognised the nose, and the fact that he’s one of the few people on the show who can act.


Also, does anyone ever give a convincing in-universe explanation as to why Claire never just says “hey … this is a really tough situation, and I know other super-people who’ve faced off against these guys before. Why don’t I give them a shout?”

(I confess I may not have been paying absolute attention, so may have missed it…)


No. In fact, EDIT: I’m wrong. There is an explanation for why she doesn’t call Luke. It’s vague, but it’s there. DD and Jess, no though.

Claire gets fed some ridiculous lines, namely that “dragons don’t exist.” She was in New York during the Chitauri invasion. Those giant flying worms could definitely be taken for “dragons.”


The actor playing Ward has really grown on me. He was pretty bad in the first few episodes but he’s come into his own since then. I genuinely feel for his relationships with his sister and father, and it’s always nice when there’s a character on a show who reacts in the correct, believable way to all the crazy shit going on.

No, that makes a lot of sense.

This bothered the hell out of me. It makes sense for Danny to think he can take the Hand on his own, but Claire doesn’t fully trust him (at least where I’m at in the show, ep. 8) so why would she join his fight without even attempting to get help from Matt or Jessica?


I know they’ve said that we wouldn’t see him in a costume but I still think this look would work in the MCU:


It’s the writting on the first episodes, tbh… Both Faramir and Bunker are pretty good actors… I mean, shit, Bunker was a great addition to Banshee… he has this “quiet rage” thing mastered, I was kinda hoping Ward would go berserk at some point =P

Edit: Actually, all of the actors in the show are great… yes even Jones… the problem might be that the interpretation they went for might not be everyone’s cup of tea… I keep reading/hearing reviews about him being an imbecile, which means they might’ve not conveyed the idea they were going for (despite them bluntly stating it at several points) =/


Yeah I’m just starting the show and that’s been a problem already. It’s an odd contrast with the idea that he’s like a kid, but also a zen master type at times. That’s really not working.

I’ll be honest, after one episode i’m struggling to work up the interest to watch a second, let alone the rest of the season.

The groupthink here is that it gets better, so I’ll probably continue, just not tonight.


Yes, he’s in prison as per the last episode of Luke Cage!


It bothered me that she never even tried to call Matt tho… I mean that was about the most logical thing she could’ve done, given the circumstances… Buuut that’s the usual problem with these “interconnected” things, so I’m not gonna strike out points for that…


The opening sequence of Episode 6 was almost Breaking Bad level of cool.


I’ll go against that grain and say that, 9 episodes in, the writing is still fairly dire. I’m at the point now where I’m only sticking with it to see how they finish it off.

And I don’t buy the naive excuse for Danny either; I agree that that’s part of his return-to-the-city shtick, but he’s the Iron Fist … the best warrior and strategist of a culture that prides itself on its martial prowess and tactical awareness. Arguing that he’s mentally stuck at the age of 12 doesn’t sit with that.


No that’s not it either… It’s not like he “thinks like a child”, it’s more like: while he is an adult and all, he has been living in a different world/culture where things are just different, where people don’t lie to each other or stab each other in the back, where he doesn’t have to deal with greed or with being wary of people’s motiviations, because life in Kun-Lun is simple and straightforward… And the only things he remembers about the real world, is what he remembers from when he was 10 or so… Which means that he is “naive” in terms of how to deal with us real-world asshole people.

So yeah, he’s an adult, but like I said up-thread he’s has the social skills of a 10 year old where the real world is concerned. When his pal shows up you can see how his behaviour fits more naturally with him, it doesn’t seem weird or childish when they’re talking or doing things together, because they’re both similar. But in contrast to anyone in NY, yes he comes off like naive, childish and weird.


I’m about 4 or 5 episodes through the series. I feel that it is far too hesitant, where it should be full of wall to wall martial arts craziness. They haven’t done anything yet that lives up to the Hall fight in Daredevil series 1. As this is Iron Fist,the fight scenes should be abundant and mind bending.


They probably never will tho… that sequence was premium stuff… it’s not the sort of thing that’s gonna happen every series, and honestly it shouldn’t or else the DD hall fight would lose its awesomness.

One thing I noticed about the fights is that they’re not particularly brutal like DD’s… Danny is more of a “good natured” fighter, not killing or badly maiming anyone, and instead opting to incapacitate his opponents without breaking all their bones, like DD would. I think they set that tone for the fights right off the bat when he gets past the guards in ep1, and throughout the series there’s about one shot that’s quite brutal, the spike fist/iron fist clash, which is more supposed to show the strenght of the Iron Fist rather than be brutal, I think. So yeah, Danny’s fighting style is definetly more kung-fu-ey in that it’s more like a dance than an UF match =P

That’s not to say that they could’ve definetly made a better job in some parts, particularly in the editing dpmt.