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The importance of feedback


As a beginner artist, I got some fedbacks, and they’re as quite as fundamental to improve my work, like any kind of hard trainning and learning.
Becca Lee Gardner contact me to do a short, and after a quick talk, she gave me, in less than 24 hours, an amazing script in wich I worked very hard. I did my best, but I get some feedbaks that pointed to some areas that could be improved.
What I want to say is, even working hard, studying thoroughly anatomy, perspective, every single done page points to new directions and new ways to improve. I’m going to show the short to the Millarworld community, and soon I’ll post the very same pages, but after the changes.
Just in case, I’m an artist for hire, and you can find my portfolio at

And I post my wip at



This is great, my dude. Much love to you and Becca on some fine work.


My criticism is that it isn’t necessary to tilt the angle of action in the panels like you do throughout the short. It’s distracting.