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The Guardian talks Russell Brand/ Miliband meeting


V interesting 3 min chat between Zoe Williams and Hugh Muir:



There’s a trailer for the interview.


It’s ‘to make the election interesting’, apparently:

I already thought it was quite interesting. :confused:


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for Russel Brand to tell me how to vote in the elecky-wecktion


Now that voter registration has closed it would be a very bad time for him to go back on his ‘don’t vote’ message.


It would be great trolling, if nothing else.


I really hate Russel Brand. If he’s going to be the face of the revolution, I’ll become a right wing conservative.


Is it just me, or has Russell Brand’s mouth continued to get bigger - including somehow the teeth getting bigger - over the last couple of years?

Physically, I mean.


He’s only being interviewed by him, not endorsed or joining his ‘revolution’. At least he’ll try and ask some probing questions which is more than you get when the party leaders sit on the Good Morning Britain sofa.


Sometimes a cheeky geordie decides to take a a pop


That interview preview snippet actually was fairly interesting.

Say about Brand what you will, but he’s willing to put himself out there and use his position to ask the questions that everybody knows are the rub of the matter and that are usually ignored by the parties, which is a big part of what turns people away from believing in democracy at all.

I hadn’t realised Milliband had spoke with such a bad lisp.



For those who haven’t the 15 minutes to spare; imagine a more boring version of Da Ali G Show.


I took a look at the comments and it does show why this may not be a bad idea. Young people tend to vote to the left but they also tend not to vote at all which is why everyone sucks up to pensioners (despite them being the largest part by far of the welfare budget). Brand is actually only just over 5 years younger than Milliband and nearly 40 but his fanbase is more important.

I genuinely didn’t care enough to vote and I absolutely wasn’t going to vote, but I think Ed Miliband has won me over. The Labour manifesto seems pretty good, and the mere fact that he agreed to do this interview shows he understands Russell’s point and the opinions of many of his supporters. Cameron couldn’t even give him the time of day and just writes him (and I assume his opinions) off as rubbish.

Kelly Davis 1 hour ago
Russell should get to interview all of the candidates seriously… better than the debates on TV

Karasutengu 1 hour ago
i think this is a good step, engage the politicians and speak to them in plain language. less script and more trews!

(Of course there are negative ones too but when 95% of all Youtube comments are negative it’s looking pretty positive to grab those easily).


As I said earlier though, the sad thing is that if those young people were convinced enough by Brand’s “don’t vote” message to not even bother registering, then they’ve now missed their window.

I do think it’s a fairly canny move by Miliband though, and one that I expect to win him some support among young voters that have registered.


This is the kind of interview that can change an election, even though it seems ridiculous. It’s like Clinton playing saxophone on Arsenio Hall.


I’m not a Brand fan at all but I actually did think he asked sensible questions that need to be asked, and asked them in a clear, non-technical manner that I can see as suitable to his audience. Credit to Milliband too, he had a decent answer for all of them, if inevitably a bit light on actual specifics.

I would also recommend the video where Brand rips into a UKIP party political broadcast. He makes fair points that the mainstream media shies away from.


Exhibit “A”.


UKIP don’t go far enough in my view, I’m going Old Skool with my anti immigration.


The Welsh really lost out. What went wrong??