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The greatest artists in world right now - Millarworld project!


David Aja


I think this guy is awesome!


And Sara Pichelli is pretty amazing.SX323_BO1%2C204%2C203%2C200


Dave Taylor - see his current work in Fiends of the Eastern Front for 2000AD


Fiona Staples hasn’t been mentioned yet, but Saga has made her a huge name and her art has broad appeal.

Plus, Saga is on hiatus at the moment.


Ooo. That’s brilliant.


Let me add to my own list some other “big-ticket” names:

J. Scott Campbell
Adi Granov
Tim Sale
Bruce Timm
Sean Phillips (I’m actually surprised you still haven’t done something with him yet)

Edit: Oh and JAE LEE!!! I meant to write his name twice, and I forgot twice… u_u

That’s about it… the rest you’ve already got or can’t possibly get (Quesada, Jim Lee, etc…)

Yeah it’s kind of a who’s who list of the late 90’s - early 2000’s, but I think they’re still the biggest names in the industry.


I agree with all of this with the exception of Joe Madureira. He was great on Age of Apocalypse & Battle Chasers, but then he just disappeared. I was okay with that, it happens, but later I found out that it was cause he wanted to play video games. That’s not cool. To just ghost on your fans like that without a word. Nope. I’ll never buy anything with his name on it again. Sorry. Yes I’m still bitter about it.


Jason Fabok, he had a great run on Justice League and did covers for the Batman/Flash crossover.


Is it really? She’s not working right now?


They’re taking a year off.


I don’t know what she’s working on (she may have other stuff in the works) but it’s not Saga. The statement in the most recent issue suggested that both BKV and Staples wanted some time to recharge creatively.

So maybe a good time to go after her? I know she’s already done a bit of Millarworld work (was it a Chrononauts variant?) so would hopefully be open to more.


From Mark’s bibliography on Wiki:
Superman 80-Page Giant #2: “From Krypton with Love” (with Sean Phillips, 1999)


Tilen Javornik - a relative unknown but what there is of his work is very good. A 2000AD Thought Bubble art competition winner, but because the 2000AD talent roster is so huge I think it’s difficult for artists who get in by this route to get a lot of work.


I think they did a political story (involving Tony Blair and George Bush) for a UK newspaper at some point too.

Random comics-related things

Mike Dowling
Tan Eng Huat
Staz Johnson

I’m kind of thinking this suggestion list is for list good, new artists who maybe haven’t had so much exposure rather than the massive, established names?
Much as I’d love to see J.Scott Campbell, Brian Bolland, Arthur Adams do pages, lets be honest, they are never, ever going to do full books again now they get paid a ton of money for covers. I’m just so impressed that Jim Lee will still do interiors when his schedule permits.


Jock ( but I think he’s doing something now)
Sorrentino (Maybe)
Ben Oliver (not sure if he’s still doing sequential s)