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The greatest artists in world right now - Millarworld project!


Right, I’m genuinely booked artists into 2023 right now. Lots of people have been on 3 or 5 year deals so as much as it sounds crazy you really have to book this far if you’re going to get the greatest people out there. Olivier Coipel and Rafa Albuquerque are the artists you’re seeing coming in at the moment, but I’m on Netflix Project NINE right now and as we do the movie and TV plans FIRST I know the comics for the next six years.

So I’ve got pretty much all the ones I want. Quitely, Immonen, Coipel, etc, have all spoiled me over the years and I only do 4 books a year so I want them to be unbelievable. Our standard is way higher than Marvel or DC and the money pot is bigger than their’s too so literally nobody we’ve really wanted has turned us down. But I have ONE PROJECT where the timing isn’t working with someone under contract and I want to nail them down. PLEASE DO NOT name anyone who isn’t at the same level as the artists mentioned above. I stick this out on Twitter and it quickly becomes people recommending their pals, copying them in and putting me in an awkward spot as said artist thanks everyone they’ve ever known :). I just want someone brilliant here and wonder if someone truly exceptional (and international) with massive commercial appeal as slipped me radar.

I’d appreciate all thoughts below. Many of course will be signed up secretly for the years ahead so forgive me if I don’t say too much here as we have three big launches announced over next six months alone and Netflix and I want to keep the surprise.

Love to all,


I don’t really track artist but John Cassidy has been doing alot of good stuff & I think he could keep up with those guys. Don’t know if that helps, but I tried


Sana Takeda


Two names come immediately to mind, but I suspect both of them would be tough to get:

Mike Mignola, who just announced that his 25-year Hellboy/BPRD storyline is concluding in 2019.

Barry Windsor-Smith, whose Conan work influenced a generation of artists, but who hasn’t drawn a regular series since his Storyteller anthology series was cancelled at Dark Horse over a decade ago.


Hmm. Interesting.

More names, please. I don’t mean people you quite like remember. I mean KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF WHEN YOU HEAR kinda names. People you can’t believe are on an upcoming book and you would sacrifice a chicken to see draw 5 issues.



JH Williams III. Hands down the best comic book artist, in my opinion.


Esad Ribic or Adam Hughes


Hmm, there’s the original Image Big 3, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane.

A few others that would depend on the style of the story, Jock, Lee Bermejo and Mitch Gerads.

A couple guys that are probably locked in to other deals right now, Jim Cheung and Joe Quesada.

Would love to see you do something with Esad Ribic. Yanick Paquette or Chris Samnee.

It’s hard to think of more as you’ve worked (or are working) with a lot of the greats in the business.


Mitch Gerads is a clear standout recently with his Mister Miracle helping a lot of people discover him. Would be a huge steal.


Jamie McKelvie - His work on WicDiv is outstanding and I would certainly love to see what he did with one of your scripts. For me it would make the comic a definite must buy.

Skottie Young would be interesting but I know from your brief, and obviously his style, that he wouldn’t fit. Possibly for a one shot?


Rob did a variant for Starlight that was my favourite cover of the series. Your right though Ron it’s hard to suggest many as most are already in the bag or on the slate already.


Mark did work with Rob once on Youngblood: Bloodsport but I would like to see him on a Millarworld book.


I actually forgot about that one !


Yeah, I can barely remember the second issue…


There was an ashcan that came out at one con but not an official release. There were a lot of great ideas in that book. Would have loved to see it finish.


Oh so it’s more of a name recognition thing than a pretty art thing?

In that case, the usual suspects come to mind:

Joe Madureira
Travis Charest
Arthur Adams
Alex Ross (haven’t seen him on interiors in a looong time)
Geoff Darrow
JH Williams III
Adam Huges
Mike Mignola
John Cassaday
Frank Miller (I guess… =/)
McFarlane (as someone said upthead, that’d be a cool get, but probably won’t happen) :smile:

I think most of these guys would be truly mind-blowing, considering they haven’t really done anything high-profile (or at all) in a loooong time.


It really depends on the project, but I’d love to see you work with Simon Bisley, who is still one of the few artists who will get me buying a book for the art alone.

He’s gone a bit more Richard Corban recently, but he’s still pretty untouchable when he’s in the mood.


I don’t know if it would be possible, but I’d you could somehow lure Brian Bolland for a series, given that budget is no issue, then I think that would be pretty earth shaking news, given that he’s pretty much only done covers for 20 years.

However, I do understand it’s because of his eyesight, so the next best thing is a guy you have worked with before on Cannon Fodder, Chris Weston.


Both of these guys would elevate a book into the stratosphere.
Even getting Bolland on covers would be amazing, if full interiors are out of the question.


Totally agree. I think this collaboration would break the internet, plus he has a huge gaming following so could pull a few more bums on seats.


I’m old school so would echo a lot of the 90s guys that were mentioned, but of the more recent big-shots from the big two Jerome Opena was the only one whose work truly impressed.