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The 'Get Mark an Avatar' Support Thread


I love purple squares with capital 'M’s on them as much as the next gal, but I think the chief needs his face next to his name.

Or at least a reasonable facsimile.

Can someone help our good friend out? :smile:


How about this one:


Make no rash decisions! brb!


One possibility.

A much better choice.

But I say “Get Real!”

btw, it seems the Chief has about 4,000 different photos up. Let’s be kind!


Trust you’re aware of Mark’s technical skills in this sphere or lack of? :wink:


Oh, yes! I heartily recommend a MODERATOR place the proper avatar for him!



It has to be this one, for sure.


I can’t help but notice the tank picture has a sign reading “Alcohol” in the bavkgroubd. I wonder if that plays any part in It…


Where else would Mark go in his tank other than a place that has alcohol?