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The geeky year you're most nostalgic about!



Oh, 1985.

I turned 9 in the back half of the year, and got Optimus Prime as my main birthday present. It was the year I properly started reading American comics (Marvel UK Transformers and Secret Wars). The Goonies and Back to the Future in the cinema. Supergran on the telly.

There were space shuttles in the sky, and it felt like we’d be living among the stars before I was a grown-up.

Live Aid is also about when I really started getting interested in music for my own sake as well.

And I didn’t know it then, but 1985 was the year Calvin and Hobbes debuted. Perfection.


1985 The year I really got into film. And those first favourites are just as special to me now…BTTF, Ghostbusters, Superman, Indiana…the list goes on. And I’m afraid the list also includes Splash :joy:


Gosh this thread is old!!


One of Ron Howard’s best films. :fish:


I’m nostalgic for when it started.


2015 was a vintage year for geeky threads.


I think i was born a geek.

Earliest remembered obsessions were my uncle Donald’s working steam engine models, toy magnets,
toy gyroscopes, static electricity you could see in the dark when you pulled your jersey off.

I remember starting a craze in Primary School for ‘twirling’ milk bottle tops. I had figured out that if you crossed your fingers, like you do for luck, then held the rim of the milk bottle top between the tips of your fingers, then flicked your fingers apart, you could impart a stabilising spin to the top so it acted like a mini flying saucer.

First superhero I remember was Superman in B&W on TV 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? etc. a bit propaganda ridden but not as subtle or extensive as today’s.

Probably discovered the likes of Dan Dare in the Eagle before I got my first DC or Marvel.

Dr Who was pretty seminal although there had been other things like Quatermass and the Pit on TV before that. And a TV showing of Forbidden Planet circa 1959. I’d be about 8.

Then I got into the backlog of SF from the plethora of SF mags from America from the early 50s.

The first ‘big ideas’ SF I encountered was from British authors like Huxley, Aldiss and Wyndham but there was an American book which made a great impact on me ‘Earth Abides’ by George R Stewart.

I guess we are talking early 60s here.


My favourite year was '89, when this was everywhere.

Geeks really had nothing else - still feared and hated by society, this was the turning point and the moment when it was so exciting to be a comics fan. This immense feeling of “…finally…”.

Singer’s X-Men was an exciting event, but nothing like Batman.


2006 was a pretty good year. I still cherish 52, so that’s almost reason enough, watching the first half unfold weekly. Seven Soldiers was unfolding, Civil War, Infinite Crisis, the original Young Avengers.

In movies, I was working at a theater at the time, and I think that’s still the record for how much I got to consume in a single year. It had The Departed (others scoff, but it’s my favorite Scorsese), Dead Man’s Chest, and…just a ton of personal favorites. I mean, plenty of years produce plenty of favorites, but this was such a unique one.

Harry Potter was still a year away from concluding, too, so that was still ongoing, for the last year ever.

Yeah. 2006.