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The Garvster looked for an artist, found one. End of.


Oh Hey,

Thanks for stopping by…
A lot of you will know me.
Those who don’t, my name is Matt Garvey and I am a comic writer from the UK.
I self-publish my own comics and in the last year I have managed to put out seven individual issues and a trade of one title.

You can see samples of my comics here:

I am planning for 2017 to be an even more proactive year for me…I hope.
As well as the three titles I am currently writing and will continue to produce, I have five NEW titles that I want to put out too.
Four already have artists lined up, but I need a fifth.

As the title suggests, it is a paying gig… It is not a page rate either, but a flat fee per issue.
It is a fair amount (I think so, anyway) that will allow you to work on this around other paying gigs you might have. You will also (rightly so) get equal 50% creator ownership of the comic and a share of any profits that are made.
Basically, If I am able to sell it to a decent publisher, we’ll split the profits.
HOWEVER, what I am looking for more than anything is a partner and a collaborator.
I am planning this to be a four issue miniseries, so I need someone who is going to stick around and work with me…not just do one issue to make some quick money and leave the team.
All four may get done in 2017, but you can’t die if it takes longer….

What is the comic about I hear you say?
Sorry, can’t tell you, it is a secret… :smiley:

The only thing I can say about it is, its THE RUNNING MAN meets the GODFATHER…with a twist.
I think you’ll like it.
Once I have selected my partner and you have read the story, you’ll get it.

What type of artist style am I looking for?

I would love to work with someone who has a similar style to the amazing Steve McNiven, but I am open to all styles and will consider pretty much anything…Except anime style…Sorry, its really not my cup of tea.

If you would like to work with me and want to know more, I’d love for you to post some samples of your work in this thread and then send me a direct message saying that you are interested, so that I can explain the terms privately.
Then if you happy with the payment and terms laid out, I will pick three possible artists and will ask each to do a test page from the script.
Based on those pages I will select my new partner.
Sorry about being a pain and for having “try-outs”, but because I am paying for this out of my own pocket, I need to make sure I am working with the perfect partner.

Thanks for reading my thread and I look forward to see what you guys and girls have up your sleeves.



Im up for it


You are almost there, buddy.
You just need to work on your anatomy and perspective a little more then we’ll work together! :wink:


hows this


Hold it. You said anatomy. ok . got it


I’m gonna say no, not because you are a bad artist…its purley because i don’t think your style will fit this comic.

*not to self, block Mark, he is mental.


It is quite possible I have ruined this thread for you.
Please accept my apologies

as compensation please read this

I Am Better Than Your Kids


you just bumped it to the top, pickle.
Never angry at that! :wink:

P.S wanna see you put out some amazing comics, yourself in 2017!
Or else…i know where you live now! :wink:


Get a room you two.


room for one more… :wink:


Stoking the fires pal.
Not saying anything till arts done on 3 issues or pitch accepted.
Seen to many things not go anywhere and don’t want to be “that guy”

Quietly though very please with all 3 projects and hope to have something after March to share


THAT is great to hear…you better be giving me a sneak peak!


Anyway…back to business, i am actually looking for an artist! :smiley:


I’ve dropped a line to a guy I know who you’d get on with, will let you know what he says.


Cheers, pickle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re welcome , sugerbuns.


“Collect her hair” is going to give me nightmares.


Hello Matt

My mate who runs and owns Central City Comics in Ipswich Rob Last told me you were looking for an artist to work with on a new project. I’d be delighted if you took a moment to have a look through my online folios at; or

I hope that you see something that you like and that I hear from you soon, if not all the best with the new project. By the way the hardback collection that you brought out looks fantastic, congratulations.




would it help if I said I was thinking of you at the time @DenizCamp ?


locks every door in the house