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The Flash is getting a movie


The writers? Oh, just a couple of geniuses who gave us the Lego movie:



Have you seen their new tv show, The Last Man On Earth? It is one of the best tv comedies for years.

Will Forte is pure comedy gold.

Forte’s character is called Phill Miller which is an amalgamation of the two writers names.


The fact that the guys behind the Lego Movie (and 21/22 Jump Street) makes me a little happier about this. The TV show has been pretty good though, so I would hate for a movie to stomp all over that.


I love The Flash TV show so much I think It’s a darned pity that the Big Studio Heads did not just pick up the lot en masse and fire up a movie quick like a bunny. It’s all set up - all they need do is deal with the Reverse-Flash and find out Grodd has been manipulating minds. ZAP! Segue into the Flash Film where Grodd cuts loose with his whole gorilla army, Andy Serkis at the head!

Deep-fried gold!


Definitely a great choice of writers. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes; more even than the Flash TV show, the recent superspeedster appearances in Avengers and DoFP have shown what a huge potential a character like this has for a movie today.


Given the announcement that Chris Lord and Phil Miller are going to be doing the animated Spider-Man movie, I wonder whether that is going to have an impact on who is at the steering wheel of The Flash.