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The first few Hunters pages!


Hi, all. These are the first six pages of Hunters that Vinícius and I have been working on. I wanted to share it with Millarworlders because this forum has helped me progress with comics far more than anything else in my life.

Writing Hunters was a real cathartic experience, so I was pretty nervous about moving to the art phase of it. Somehow, I absolutely hit the jackpot with all of these guys. They are a crop of just super talented guys. Follow them on social media and give them money for art.

Hunters is a long story, so here’s to hoping we get to do more soon.

Story by Jarred Luján (Twitter: @JarredX)
Art by Vinícius Carreiro (Twitter: @Bachmaniaco)
Colors by Davi Comodo (IG: @Davicomodo)
Letters by Deyvison Manes (IG: @DeyvisonManes)

LujanHuntersPg1 COL|388x600