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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


This. Fucking. Show.

How do you dial an insane space opera down that much, just how shit zero G is and some character work and still make it that good?
These people make me sick!

I cannot wait for next week.


Also, Anna, fuck yea!


Eh, I’m still not clear how she entered the ship… but yeah xD


Didn’t Melba cut a hole in the side of the ship?


Melba put a seal on… so to enter that way Anna would’ve had to cut the seal and probably things would’ve gone wrong in the room (pressure, air, something…) or maybe she did put a seal of her own before that, but either way, that would’ve been noisy I suppose… I dunno, it’s something that didn’t really make sense to me right away :smile:


Well, it’s taken three years, but the Expanse is before humanity now.


Oh yeah… I’m glad this show gets to go on… there are so many opportunites to explore, but I’m guessing the show will focus in this new next threat.

Anyways, fan-fuckin-tastic show… people keep talking about what’s the next GoT when it’s already here (I’d argue Black Sails was too)… this is the best sci-fi tv show ever, easily and one of the best things on TV to watch.

Can’t wait for the next season, I hope Amazon won’t cut the budget and keep up the fantastic quality… oh and that it comes fast =P


So I have today and Friday off (with July 1st Canada Day weekend is a 5 day weekend for me).
A friend comes over and I’m having beers. No way am I watching. I’ll wait for Thursday afternoon.

Late in the night this device (that is constantly spying on me) alerts me to an article about the Expanse season finale. Something about “not sticking the landing” and I delete.
(And that does stick in my head)

So I watch this afternoon and I’m thinking “What the Fuck! Someone had to rush out a negative article for that?”
I would not call it the best episode they’ve done, but that’s because they set the bar incredibly high.

I loved it. All of it. Not a bad episode in this series. No mediocrity either.
Who the fuck can say that?

I always love Jason Straithhairn, but I’m yelling at the TV again when he comes on.

I love Bobbi. I always love Bobbi. Mmmm. Love Roberta.

Blu-ray pre-ordered. July 17th. First stop is to a friend on a fixed income. Others after.
I’m doing my part.


I think they could have done with an episode or two more, mainly to give Ashford and Clarissa’s arcs a little bit more time to breathe - let Ashford get desperate as supplies dwindled and the threat of the Nucleus grow, and to give Melba a bit more time to self-reflect and become Clarissa (in a wonderful turn in the books, the label on her chapters changes as she gains clarity, but they’re all part of the story that was adapted in the last two episodes)

But these last two episodes did so much well - Anna and Amos’ relationship was perfect, I loved their exchange about keeping Melba alive in the Roci’s sick bay, Holden and Naomi’s reunion, all the action sequences, Drummer in the lift shaft, the other gates opening, and that final voiceover by Holden.

I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about the rings opening, and the true nature of the Protomolecule for years, I hope you all appreciate it!


It’s been hard going keeping shtum about how… Expansive things would get.


Not being a book reader, I am sort of surprised in the direction the storybhas taken.

I had assumed wrongly that The Expanse was going to be mundane science fiction without aliens and interstellar travel.


I agree with Lorcan that they needed 2 more eps to flesh out some of the character work that got rushed with Ashford and Melba but it was still amazing tv.

Just so much good stuff, Bobbie vs Alex and Amos, well just Amos all over the shop, he was amazing.
And I honest to god thought they were going to kill Drummer and I was not happy about that.
There may have been some yelling at the screen…

Also, thank Christ there’s going to be a season 4!


To be fair, there’s been interstellar travel since book 1, it just happened the long way and billions of years before the story began.

(in case it’s not clear, the ring building aliens launched a moon-sized chunk of rock with the protomolecule seeded into it at Earth, but it got caught in Saturn’s gravity well when it entered the solar system, and we identified it as Phoebe. And in reality, astronomers believe Phoebe is actually an extrasolar object)


I can agree that Melba’s change of heart was a bit too sudden and quick… but I didn’t feel I needed more character work in the case of Ashford… his story arc felt quit alright, in fact.

Other than that, I was thinking… One thing I REALLY love about the Expanse is how “realistic” and “grounded” it is… well, I mean, considering all the sci-fi shit of course, but they put so much attention to detail that it really feels “real”, I guess… It’s probably the only TV show (and even rare amongst movies) that has made me feel this way… kinda feels like watching the future, almost =P


Concept art for season 4:


Welcome to Ilus, everybody.


Loved that Final episode.
Between that and Legion we’ve been spoiled the last month.

I really didn’t know what side I wanted to come out on top.
(Not wanting diogo to win is about as close to choosing a side as I came.)

Ashford and Amos have spun gold everytime they opened their mouths this season.
I don’t think I’ve any Bad things to comment on this series.

Glad it got saved for more.

ProtoMillars Last line was stonking! I love the notion of his personality having an impact on the Protomocule and his curiosity resulting in the events of the last few episodes.



That was a lot of fun.


“The Expanse started out as a pitch for an MMO,” Ty Franck told Polygon. “It was right before Eve Online came out [more than 15 years ago].”

“A friend of mine asked me to come up with a pitch that she was going to take to her uncle, who was associated with a Chinese company that wanted to make an MMO. That’s how I came up with what eventually turned into The Expanse. The Chinese company apparently didn’t realize that developing an MMO was a $100 million project, and once they did realize that, they sort of just backed away quietly. But they hadn’t paid us for anything. So I still owned everything I came up with, and I just kept playing around with it.”