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The Expanse thread - SPOILERS for series 3


I’m an episode behind, didn’t get to watch last night but I had a question about the previous episode. The kid with the facial tattoo, the one that used to hang out with Miller, what did he do that Naomi hates him so much? It seems like it was a big deal but for the life of me I can’t remember anything about it.


He’s Diogo. In series 1 he was caught stealing water from the Greigas on Ceres, found his way onto his unce’s rockhopper, only to be shoved out the airlock before said uncle destroyed a Martian patrol ship and got killed himself. In series 2 he buddied up with Miller during the attack on Thoth Station, took him im after he was kicked off the Roci, and bigged up Miller after his sacrifice. He fell into Anderson Dawes’ orbit, and helped him kidnap Cotazar off of Ceres. He was last seen being taken into custody by Naomi and Alex.



Once again.
Fuck me running!
What a show.
What a show.

I will have other, more coherent thoughts later.


I’ve just discovered The Churn, a podcast about The Expanse featuring the writers of the book and some of the cast members, talking about each weeks episode. I’m only 3 eps in but I like it.


There’s little can be said about The Expanse as it is now in this third phase that doesn’t involve gushing.

There’s been times where the build up has faltered as they got things right, but always overall even if something didn’t quite hit, the sheer gusto carried it through to the point now where, looking back, the build up has been so exceptional that each episode feels as epic as one in any top flight TV story or adaptation being told right now.

At the beginning I felt that a few of the actors didn’t quite believe in the show, but now it feels like every single one of the actors in this show are giving more than their all. They are their characters. They are on those ships. I feel like The Expanse is played as more real that probably anything else right now by the people involved. Even with GOT you feel everyone takes their sword off and heads down for a pint. It’s coincidental that the Roci has a documentary crew on board because The Expanse feels like everyone just gets on with their jobs when the carmeras stop. Even The Wire had moments you could feel they were on set. For a sci fi show to hold up that way - so realistically - and still be thrilling… I’m over the moon. No pun intended.


That sums what I love about this show perfectly.
It feels real.


Speaking of, how much did this week feel like Star Trek, but, like not just an easily resolved problem? I loved the way the MCRN experimented with the Slow Zone, figuring out how fast they could move, what happens when you reach the edge, and even that they could easily enter and exit.

Beyond that, the ratcheting of tension was great. Amos mistreating the documentary crew was uncomfortable at the best of times, but incredible in terms of the drama and the portrayal of his immorality and his victims’ fear. The shot of them venturing out the airlock was fantastic, and well contrasted against Holden stepping off from the Roci at the end of the episode.

Also, getting a chunk of Melba, or can we call her Clarissa now’s background was great. Pretty sure this episode doubled Florence Faivre’s number of lines overall in the show. It helps get into the head of all three members of the Mao family we’ve seen. the family dynamics are kinda broad, but they work.

Also, given there’s been a lot of characters with speaking roles in the last couple of weeks who either have only had their names mentioned in passing, here’s a quick checklist:

  • Monica Stuart: The reporter on the Roci
  • Elio “Cohen” Casti: the blind camera/drone operator.
  • Tilly Fagan: The “aging debutante” who blackmailed the Thomas Prince’s XO and knows the Mao family
  • Hector Cortez - the priest who wanted off the Thomas Prince this week
  • Stanni - the smartass tech in Melba’s team (his name is a reference to Stannis Baratheon)
  • Ren - Melba’s crew chief who she murdered (named for Renly Baratheon)


I loved this week’s episode. I have to admit I was a little scared after episode 7. Obviously moving from book 2 to book 3 (although I’ve not read) but I figured with so few episodes left they would just negotiate to where they need to be for season 4.

Nope. No wasted space and the tension ramped up again. I’m gripping the couch/blanket/my leg as my heart rate noticeably rises.
Also going to need a new remote after this season.

So glad this got picked up by Amazon. Even if we have to wait a bit, it’s coming back.


This. Fucking. Show!

I was getting a little frustrated with the Anna stuff being a bit too clunky for me and then… Boom!
That ending! :astonished:
Only two weeks left in this season and I am very glad we’re getting a season 4.

But do we think they’re going to compress book 3 so much that it’ll finish in only 3 more eps? Cause that’s moving fast.


Oh are there gonna be 12 eps? I thought only 10… wheeew… that would’ve been a really dirty cliff-hanger :smile:


I think there’s going to be 13 eps.
Here’s hoping :grin:


13 episodes, with a double-bill finale in two weeks.


High 5’s everyone


Finally, R2 Blu-Rays!

S1 out in August, S2 in October - and this is the kind of show I want to support by not waiting for a price drop.

EDIT: Kind of funny timing, Amazon pick up The Expanse and a few weeks later these listings turn up.


So, this week’s episode had a lot going on, and got into the big ideas of the story. I’m interested to see how non-book readers here interpret Holden’s vision at the end of the episode, I’ve seen some interesting (but incorrect) ideas elsewhere. Having Bobbie be part of the marine team sent to take him in was a great change to the book (Bobbie isn’t in book 3 at all). I loved Anna’s stuff this week, which appears to have been divisive - but I love that she fucks up, realises it and tries to do better sometimes, but also has blind spots that she is either unaware of or willingly ignores - such as her desire to take selfish actions and beg forgiveness from Nono rather than ask permission.


Well there wasn’t a lot to go on, tbh. I mean, It’s clear now that the ring(s) are portals into either other solar systems/galaxies or other universes (could be either at this point) and the sphere structure is warning Holden of either its true purpose, or of another sphere that might be coming for our solar system.

It was super vague, I guess… If I had to guess right now with the info we got… I’m thinking the protomolecule is sort of an “reckon” infection, that was launched in search of habitated systems… once it finds one it starts doing its thing to create the ring and allow the attack to happen… but it seems that Julie/Miller fusing with the protomolecule in the asteroid might have changed something in this instance, so this sphere might be less hostile?

I dunno… could be something completely different. At any rate those final scenes reminded me a lot of Akira’s final scenes =P


Don’t worry, it should be explained by the end of next season :grinning:


Nest season??? damn that might take a while =(


They’re already in preproduction for the next season. :grin:
All is well.